Friday, April 20, 2012

Arnold loves Orgies

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Arnold loves Orgies, so did Caligula.

I see some startling similarities in this future governor and the great Roman Emperor. It makes me worry what California is getting itself into if they vote for Arnold “swollenpecker”. I list below several examples to support my case.

Caligula Became a vicious tyrant soon after taking office.

Arnold Well.. he married a Kennedy, some of the worst tyrants of the 0th century. I hear he plans on quadrupling the state debt and raising joblessness. Also as part of a get fit program, he intends to add anabolic steroids to local drinking water.

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Caligula Had people tortured and killed while he dined.

Arnold Tortures and (possibly) kills people with a string of BAD movies.

Caligula Made his horse a Senator

Arnold Owns 6 (or more) Hummers, plans on making one of them mayor of San Francisco (the red one I think?)

Caligula Infamous for his debauchery and Orgies

Arnold Loved to gang bang back in his He-Man days..

Caligula Declared himself a God and had temples erected and sacrifices offered to himself.

Arnold Even though his youth and most of his muscles are gone, he thinks he’s a God. One who can still do another Terminator movie. A 50 year old Terminator, give me a break! I heard he sacrifices animals to the God Baal too.

Caligula Was assassinated after only a brief term as “the worst” and BEST Roman Emperor.

Arnold SNIFF I’m going to miss the big lug…. Et Tu Brute… oh wait, that was Julius Ceasar. Et Tu Bustamante?

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