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Boy gets girl

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Boy Gets Girl is a very interesting play for not only about what could go wrong on a blind date, but also because it shows how people can perceive others. The story all when Linda a friend of Theresa’s decided to set her up on a blind date with a guy whom she hardly knew. Theresa does not seem much like a person who wants to date a lot in the story but decides to try it and see how it goes. Tony the blind date seemed very polite in the beginning polite and really interested in getting to know Theresa. However, there was a certain edge to Tony that Theresa did not seem to notice on the first date.

After the first date with Tony, Theresa received flowers from him at her office the next day. She also ended up having a second date with Tony. The second date did not seem to go so well. She didn’t feel like there was any connection with Tony and therefore she decided to tell him so that he could move on and date other people. Tony seemed to be fine with it but you could tell that he was a little let down by it. After the dates were off Tony decided to keep calling Theresa no matter how much she told him she did not want him to. He also popped up in her office unexpected.

After a while, Tony continued to harass Theresa. Theresa started to blame her friend Linda who hooked the two of them up. Howard, Theresa’s boss did not think anything of the subject when he became aware of it. He just said that Tony was a “smuck” and went about his way.

After a while Theresa started received threatening phone calls at home as well as work. She did not know how Tony had gotten her number because she had not given it to him. In the letters he was writing to Theresa, he was stating thing about raping her and killing her in different ways. Theresa then decided to get the police involved and file for a protection order to keep him from harassing her. She decided to stay at the home of Mercer who was a coworker. The reason was because she did not feel safe at home.

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The entire time this personal situation in her life is going on in her life she is writing an article about Les Kennkat who is a person that takes picture of “breast in the trees”. He seemed like a really perverted yet comical man. He was up in age and lonely as well as bitter. I believe he was bitter because he was old and messed up the relationship with the only women he really loved. He was also having health problems and in the end he had surgery on his colon.

After staying at Mercers house, people started to know that Theresa was wearing the same clothes every day. Her secretary was buying her little presents like perfume. In the end the Harriet, Theresa’s secretary decided to tell her that she had gave Tony her number and talking to him about a lot of things. That is why she was giving Theresa gifts. Needless to say, Harriet was no longer Theresa’s secretary.

Tony would stop at nothing, he continued watching Theresa and even following her friends. Mercer and Howard decided to go to Theresa’s apartment and get her some clothes only to become aware that someone had broken into in and trashed it. Everything was tore to shreds. Everyone knew who had done it, Tony. Ms. Beck, the female police officer that has been help Theresa out, told Theresa that she should move and change her name. In a simple phrase, she should change her life around because of this jerk.

Theresa ended up going to her apartment and went throw all the belonging which were mostly destroyed and became depressed again. There were things Tony had written in books she say. He has been all over her house. She told Mercer and Howard she was moving to Denver and changing her name to Claire. She did not want to go, and they believe she should not have to go. All of a sudden the bell rings and Tony is outside. Mercer grabs the frying pan and begins to chase Tony. Everyone seems to be in a stage of panic. The police were called but Tony was nowhere to be found. In the end Theresa, had Les Kennkats help in getting to Denver but the play never says if she went.

This play kept me on my toes. I believe a woman can get interested in this play because some of the things mention happens to almost every woman some point in their life. There may not be a stalker but, there could be a boyfriend that doesn’t want to let go or strangers on the street wanting to stare you dare and say things that are not called for. It also shows what the boundary is for stalking. However, I did not like the way it ended. I was so mad not to find out if they ever caught Tony and if Theresa got to stay in New York or did she have to change her life around. Theresa being able to get help shows so much bravery. Even though she was not by herself. She was brave enough to keep telling Tony no and to leave her alone. She also got the police involved, which took a lot of courage knowing it could make him madder at her.

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