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“Running for Your Life,” by Sheila Globus, out of the Current Health Publication gave a great article on how running for exercise is a great way to condition your body, and your life. All it takes is determination, enthusiasm, and a willingness to work hard says Globus. By breaking conditioning up into; the benefits of running, running right, and warming up to cool down, Sheila tells us how to condition for life.

Starting off she gives us a bunch of benefits of running to condition your body. These benefits range from strengthening your heart, lowering your blood pressure to strengthen your muscles and even giving you more energy so that you’re a happy person. As well as these benefits once you start to run you may never want to stop. Running not only keeps your weight down, but makes you more alert and keeps your stress levels at a minimum.

Running right is the way Globus shows us how conditioning by running will increase our VO max, this being the amount of air taken inside the lungs we are able to use. The more oxygen you can deliver to your muscles the easier it is torun.. A big stress is put on the concept of relaxation while you are running. Being relaxed will give you a smooth stride, release your tension, and get you focused on your task at hand.

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By conditioning yourself by running, your stamina and strength will improve as long as you don’t over do it. You want to make sure not to do too much at certain time because your body will break down. Your pattern of conditioning should be to alternate days of hard runs with easy ones. For easy runs you can ride a bike or just run at a slower pace.

Warming up is just a way to warm up your muscles so that they are ready for the stress you are about to put on them in your run. As well as a warm up you must have a cool down to release some of the lactic acid you have built up throughout your run. This article gives a great way to condition through running. Like Globus says running is for anyone, short, stocky, old or young, anyone can do it and it’s a great way to keep yourself in great shape as well as keep you in the right mind set.

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