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fall foilage

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Natures most colorful show, fall foilage in the White Mountains, was overtaken in the eyes of myself, and my children due to the excitement of being able to see moose and the natural beauty that the North Country offers all year round. I have been in New England for two years and this was my families’ first visit to the White Mountains. I could not believe all the different color of leaves that were found. There were yellow, red, orange, purple and yes, there were also some green leaves still on the trees. But all that was lost seeing the other sights that were provided to us in what is called “North Country.”

We planned on leaving Saturday at eight A.M. The sun was shining brightly with hues of gold and red. We were planning to go to Pittsburg, New Hampshire which is about thirteen miles from the Canadian border. Along the journey we had intended to do some freshwater fishing using worms to attract trout, and to visit the Lancaster Fish Hatchery.

Visiting the fish hatchery was a truly impressive experience. Seeing the various stages of rainbow, brook and brown trout, penned into raceways made us realize how majestic the trout were. A raceway is a flowing water pen that contains the trout until they have matured into the next stage of their development. Adjacent to the raceways they had a pen for a select few lunkers. These mature hand fed trout grew into mammoth specimens of the breed ranging anywhere from twenty four to thirty six inches long.

From that point we journeyed onto the Lancaster Suzuki dealership to view some of winter’s toys such as snowmobiles and all terrain vehicles. Snowmobile season is fast approaching and both my husband and my father-in-law are children of the snow. We stopped to view some of the new models and styles as well as some used ones. They had colors ranging from blue, yellow, orange and they also had green ones. They had single and double rider snowmobiles. While there we discovered a way for our whole family to enjoy the sport of snowmobiling with the use of a new design snowmobile trailer that can seat two people in comfort.

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We ended our travels at the Lopstick Lodge and Cabins in Pittsburgh. We were given cabin eight, which was only dwarfed in its own beauty by the view from the deck. Looking out to the east, seeing nothing but pine trees, mountains and the First Connecticut lake was our backdrop for the evening. The cabin was rustically furnished with a hunter d�cor, and the interior made with varnished maple knotty pine. The cabin slept eight people comfortably in the two rooms and came complete with a fully functioning kitchen with all necessities. We ignored the kitchen to dine at the Buck Rub Pizza Pub, which is my in laws stomping grounds. The Buck Rub was very quaint and a neighborhood place to enjoy pizza, family and a frosty one if you chose to. After enjoying our pizza and a few frosty ones it was off to fish at the First Connecticut Lake.

Fishing the First Connecticut Lake from the shore on a windy day was akin to trying to throw fastballs into the end of a straw. Every cast floated on a Nine Oclock angle back towards shore. Undeterred my middle son, Steven, caught a lake shiner, and my husband caught what we could only call bait. His fish was smaller than the worm he used to catch it. We then tried our luck at a second place, the east inlet. East inlet is more of an adventure in the ride than a fishing experience. Driving for twenty five minutes in the back of a pickup truck on a dirt road, in Pittsburg at 50 pm is a frigid thing. The temperature was between fifty five and sixty degrees and still dropping as the sun went down. We endured the cold and we were treated to a beautiful rainbow reflecting of the water at the sunset, and many laughs that I inspired.

From there it was onto moose hunting. Spotting with two very bright searchlights, my husband and I braved the cold up and down moose alley in the back of my father-in-laws pickup truck. After what seemed like forever, four wheel drive was locked in and off the road we went down a winding dirt logging trail. Maneuvering the truck along the old logging road we saw several deer. Then we got to see the sight that we came all the way for. Standing in the tree line off of the right side of the trail was a bull moose. He was young but still stood about seven feet tall and antlers that would span a good four feet. Seeing us he slowly walked away into the woods. Seeing the bull moose made me want to see more. Realizing just how large a creature he actually was made it that much more special. We traveled back towards moose alley and we continued to spot for moose.

Upon deciding to return to our cabin we were asked by a young family if we had seen any moose. They had a young child, she was about two years old traveling with them and they did not have a spotlight. We told them that we had seen one bull moose but we were still in search of more. We told them to follow us and we would be sure to find one. About 10 miles down the road my husband shined the spotter on the driver’s side and he found a cow moose down in the valley. The young child was able to view her first moose because of our efforts. My husband said that seeing the little girls face light up was the highlight of the trip. We then headed back to cabin number eight.

When we were pulling up the steep hill it was as if we were the only ones still awake. We did not see any lights around us for what seemed like a mile. Once on the deck you could see a little reflection off of the lake. It was so quiet around us you could have heard a pin drop.

Sunday arrived and we began the trip back home, stopping for breakfast at Moriahs in Pittsburg center. Moriah’s is a popular place for it home cooked breakfast. When our breakfast was brought to the table we encountered two of the largest pancakes that I have ever seen. These blueberry pancakes were about twelve inches in diameter and covered the entire plate. My son, who had ordered the pancakes, eyes became as big as golf balls.

The trip ended after a two hour drive back to Manchester, just in time for my father-in-law to enjoy the Patriots play the Redskins. As I recall the trip through my minds eye, I understand why my family enjoys Pittsburg, and I see why people would live there. I thought Pittsburg would be boring with nothing to see or do, seeing as how I am a flatlander, but I have learned that beauty is in the mountains, the people who call them home, and the time you take to explore the things that nature has put before us to enjoy.

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