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Huck Finn and tom Sawyer

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Huck Finn and Ton Sawyer are two characters that seem to not be able to keep themselves out of trouble. Such is the case in the novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by American author Mark Twain. The more these Huck and Tom continue with their insane antics and pulling pranks the more they prove themes. Their actions though funny often prove serious themes. Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer, two diverse characters, show the themes of prejudice, hypocrisy, and the “true heart” through satire.

The theme of prejudice is apparent when shown through Tom Sawyer. Exaggeration and the imagination are Tom Sawyer’s specialties When Jim is imprisoned in Uncle Silas’ shack Tom decides that cutting off one of Jim’s limbs to free him is a stroke of genius, “And a leg would be better still. But we got to let that go. There ain’t necessity enough in this case; and besides, Jim’s a nigger, and wouldn’t understand the reasons for it…” (pg.1). Tom wants everything by the books; practical or not. Even though it makes one chuckle to think that someone even took into consideration to amputate someone’s limb to free them when the bed could be lifted up and slide the chain of the bed. On top of that Jim is a slave, which in Tom’s case makes is even better. To Tom it is just like ripping the wings off a fly. Sadly, Tom cannot be blamed for his thoughts and actions; he has been taught this from infancy. Society is to blame for this cruel mistake. Society tells people what to think and act like a twisted game of Simon says The author is plainly showing that prejudice is a vile and uncaring beast that rampages through families leaving its evil seeds in the hearts and minds of the generations to come. Tom Sawyer, a prejudice bigot, who out right kicks prejudice into the open for everyone to see and spit at.

Huckleberry Finn proves the theme of hypocrisy through his and Tom’s plan to free Jim. Throughout the entire novel, Huck has been listening to his heart and does the right things, but when Tom comes along, Huck falls back into being a follower and doing what he is told. “Well, if it ain’t just like you Huck Finn. You can get up the infant-schooliest ways of going at a thing. Why, hain’t you ever read any books at all?” (pg. 0). Tom is coming up with all these crazy ideas on how to rescue Jim, and when Huck protests saying a practical one Tom degrades Huck, who then just falls in suit with Tom again. Twain demonstrates that self-esteem leads hypocrisy around by a leash. When a person does not feel strongly about himself he is quick to change his views when someone has a different opinion. Another part of that is the fact Huck looks up to Tom. To Huck, Tom is a model citizen who can do no wrong in any way. Upon that, Huck thinks of himself as low-down and dirty. Hypocrisy is evident throughout this book Huck is just a vessel to convey it to the reader.

Hypocrisy is proven yet again by the infamous Huck Finn; when Jim thinks he’s in freedom he talks about he will steal his children back and Huck is shocked. “Here was this nigger, which I had as good as helped to run away, coming right out flatfooted and saying he would steal his children” (pg. 86). Huck actually stole Jim, according to society’s standards, by not turning him in, and here Huck responds with surprise because Jim wants to “steal” his children. It is odd that Huck could even find it wrong that Jim would want to steal his own flesh and blood. What the author is trying to show that once some else tries to steal a slave then it was wrong. Huck Finn has struggle within him and he does what is right and then gives in to the gravitational pull of society.

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The theme of the “true heart” is proven through Huck Finn through his crazy, but right actions. “These uncles of yourn ain’t no uncles at all; they are a couple of frauds…” (pg.180). In this scene Huck goes to Mary Ann and explains to her that the King and the Duke are frauds. Huck had been going along with the King’s and Duke’s plan for as long as he could stand, but when he finally could take no more of watching the three sisters get robbed blind he told Mary Ann. The reader can see Huck’s pure heart because he could have made off with a lot of money, but instead he did what was right. People who follow their heart are still hard to find. Most people do what society, family, or friends dictate for them, but when someone does what their heart tells them they shine. Furthermore, this is how Huck proves the theme of the “true heart”.

Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer help prove the theme of prejudice, hypocrisy, and the “true heart”. In the world we live in these themes are still very apparent. Through Huck the author shows the right way by doing what his heart tells, but saying what society tells him to say. In contrast, Tom Sawyer is the opposite; he says what society tells him and does whatever he wants, but still pleases society. If prejudice, hypocrisy, and the “true heart” still thrive in reality then authors will continue to put them in their novels.

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