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identifying and measuring target behaviours

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Identifying and Measuring Target Behaviours Indicative of Positive Near Transfer.


Description of skill

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The skill I have chosen to look at is the underarm serve in the game of volleyball.

Goal of the movement

The main goal of the server is to consistently serve the ball into the opponent’s court as often as possible. Also being accurate and hitting with varied amounts of power are important in a good volleyball serve.

Basic action required

There are three main actions in the volleyball serve, the preparation, execution and follow through. In the preparation phase, the ball should be at waist level, shoulders square to net and eyes on the ball. The execution requires the person to allow the ball to drop before swinging the arm, weight transfer with ball contact and the ball should be contacted just below the centre back heel of the hand. In the follow through phase the athlete should move smoothly onto the court, they should allow the arm swing and weight transfer to carry them into a ready defensive position and finally the player should be prepared for the next play.


Description of the learner

The learner is a year 10 student at a private boys school.

Previous experience

Besides playing at school the student has had no previous experience outside the school setup.

Relevant underlying abilities

The student has many of the underlying abilities involved in volley ball he is quick and mobile and has a football background, this will directly help with the volleyball serve as it is closely related to the handball in the game of football. The student also seems to have good hand eye co-ordination and doesn’t seem to miss the ball to much.


Discussion of the target context

The target context for this learner in the school gym. Three courts are set up next to each other and students all practice their serves within the three courts. The student only has approx - meters between the end line and the wall. This is the area he must serve in. Students who are not participating, either are sitting down around the gym or helping with other activities.


Description of the target beaviours and performance measures.

First Behaviour Getting the ball over the net.

Measure This could be easily measure by the amount of times the student can get the ball over the net.

Second behaviour Accuracy of the serve

Measure This can be measured by placing objects on the other side of the court and getting the student to serve the ball aiming for the object. You can also use people, standing in the correct volleyball formation and getting the student to call out a name and serve to that person.

Third Behaviour Power and action on the ball.

Measure For a person to serve with power they must put action on the ball (topspin) this can be measured by seeing how many times the student, hitting the ball with power can get the ball in on the other side of the court. If the student just hits the ball with power the likely outcome is that it will go dramatically past the base line and be deemed out.

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