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Images and there impact on society

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Images and there Impact on Society

Icons and idols have used images to impact society forever, and have captured the ideas and intentions of the people who admire them the same. An icon has a self image that appeals to their fans and can make them stand out above the rest. Images are simply put as an out put for something that can make us feel confident, comfortable, and secure. Self images are considerably the biggest example of an image that society, as a whole needs the most. In the future, many things will have even more of an impact on society than ever before. Using images to sell products is an important way of business and life for some. Madonna has used images to make her life a success and has made it quite easy for people to have opinions relating to her career. Although many found her to be controversial she continues to sell her images by changing certain aspects of her self and probably has done it better than anyone in the world. Vince Aletti wrote that “idols and icons have the weight of memory, the volatility of desire. Images can be a consolation or a disturbance, an inspiration or a burden. We live through them; they live through us.” Society as a whole needs to see other’s living their lives so they have that source of comfort and have an output for their own creativity.

We as people set goals relating to the people that we look up to the most. Rather it a famous icon or simply a member of our family we occasionally act like or pretend that we are them. To achieve greatness a goal must always be in sight. Even icons that are known today at one point set their goals to others’ accomplishments. When icons were first developing in the world, actors and actresses were strictly admired. Years ago Audrey Hepburn was admired by women all over the United States and still remains a prestige icon today. Jennifer Love Hewitt is a big supporter of Hepburn’s work and to this day still has goals set to match the effort and success of her career. It was an extreme honor for Jennifer to play Hepburn on ABC’s Sunday Night Movie a while back when her dream of actually being her icon was somewhat a reality.

Icons appeal to people depending on their gender and personal preference. They help us to grow up. The images that our idols portray give us something to relate to. “In Adolescence, a fluid identity is rarely an option, and eventually all but the most alienated find a place, and then another place; for better or worse, a lifetime of places.” Everyone has changed their image sometime in their lifetime in a way it helping us to become the person we are now. The impact they have on their life however can relate more to the feelings that the person has on the inside. “Gender, in most cases, is not an option; we are male or female a given. But are we masculine or feminine? Even if we accept the notion that, ideally, we share both masculine and feminine traits, what exactly are they? Who decides?” The choice to be masculine or feminine is not an option for some of society. No matter how badly some men want to be “masculine” some just cannot, so they relate to others like themselves. They may not like it at first but they eventually find comfort in their icons and except it.

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Unfortunately, the power of being considered an icon can come with the fact that a person can become to ‘confident’ in there self. Material possessions are an example of how some get a little out of control. Icons that are constantly under the microscope of society can loose control and respect for their friends and the people closest to them. A person can carry themselves on their sleeve by showing confidence which makes them appear happy but often times they are not. It takes time to identify your self as a person and can take even longer for someone to become confident as a person.

Using the images of idols and icons is easy to grasp, but relating to the ‘normal’ people of our society is also a way for people to become comfortable with themselves and with others. A role model can be a teacher, a parent, or a friend. Usually this type of person has views and thoughts on life that may appeal to you as a person and can inspire you to achieve greater things in your life. Respecting these types of projected images is possibly the most important way of developing yourself as a person. Believing in the ideas of others who have been further educated than yourself can help you in developing your own ideas. Anything can be easier to accomplish when you know that your ideas are similar with others.

The 70’s were a very important time for people to display an image and to live independently. Rock n Roll for a few years was thought of as evil music and had only negative values to it. Can you imagine life without a source of upbeat relaxation? Parents’ did not want their kids going to rock concerts fearing that only bad things would come from it. Of course a few bad images were set from rock concerts like drugs and unprotected sex, but maybe everything happens for a reason. People at one point also thought that ‘colored people’ should have to drink from different water fountains and sit on different parts of the bus. People are not right about everything and god has forbidden that from happening. What would life be like today if the images and ideas of Dr. Martin Luther King had never been heard?

Every generation has their own icons, role models, and idols that will continue to live on forever. Image is sought by a variety of different people and will continue into the future. People will continue to think that they were the first to attempt something “cool” and others will follow. Icons will set trends and society will follow. “We are all a work in progress.” Vince Aletti.

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