Sunday, April 15, 2012

is 16 the right age for driving?

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Is 16 The Right Age For Driving?

Driving is a big responsibility. Its your responsibility to drive safe in order to keep yourself and everyone else on the road out of danger. In Florida you can get your drivers license at the age of 16 years old. I for one think that is a little young for someone to have that kind of responsibility sitting on your shoulders. At that age, teenagers (as a whole) are judgmentally immature i.e. they do not make good judgments. Most kids at that age are care free and are not aware of the dangers they face daily. Then you throw in a half ton missile going 65 miles an hour straight into a tree. Thats exactly what happened to A 16 year old girl named Maryon Nicole Haught and her 4 friends Friday morning. Maryon was excited about getting her license and her new car, a 8 Jeep wrangler with a soft top, that she a her four friends made a terrible judgment and decided to ditch school and go four-wheeling. They were driving in Lake County near the Orange County line around 10 a.m. when the 8 Jeep wrangler rolled through a fence, hit a tree and landed on its side off the rural road in eastern lake county. All five teen were injured, critically. They went of a joyride theyll never forget, says one of the fathers of the teenagers that were injured. Maryon broke her back in the crash, shes lucky she was not paralyzed! One of the teenagers is still in a coma right now. This incident just goes to show that bad things can happen when you make poor judgments which teenagers make frequently because they are still learning about how to make right judgments. Thats why I think the age to drive should be raised to at least 17 and mandatory to take drivers classes also. We need to educate this generation about safe driving so we can avoid unnecessary tragedies.

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