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My honey

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I am William Bryant Manalo Gyenes; my parents are William Bryant Velarde Gyenes and Marissa Basister Manalo. I was born on February 7, 185 at Manila Doctors Hospital in Manila, I was the only in child. Frankly, my parents are separated since I was a kid. For whatever reason, I don’t know. My Grandparents at #54 Opalo St. Vito Cruz Metro Manila raised me. For my mom had left abroad to work. Together with my Grandparents are my uncles and aunts who took good care of me that time. They were the one who raised me up because my mother was not around to be with me, as I said, she left to work. I know this kind of situations aren’t new anymore, this is now usual or common for us. So, as a kid that time, I could say that I was the luckiest in world, being spoiled by my Lolo was very fortunate of me. Having everything I want in terms of toys, foods, trips, and almost everything a kid would want. As any normal kid, I do play on the streets with my friends, go to places like amusement parks, theme parks, arcade halls, playing with my toys alone sometimes, and even talk to myself sometimes, that was according to my aunts and uncles. As a kid, I also do know how to cry and feel sad, but because of my Lolo’s kindness, he would do anything just to cheer me up, offer anything just to let me smile. That’s how good my Lolo was. He was also generous in terms of money, even if I was just a kid, money was not a big deal that time, and he gives me a big amount of money for me to buy anything I want to. At the same time my mother who was working is also sending me money and all the toys I want. That’s my life when I was still a kid. No worries, no problems at all, just enjoying every single of my life. Then when I was 5 years old, my Grandmother and me decided to go at my aunt’s place in Las Pinas City. We went there to stay at their place and I don’t even also know why, as a kid you are not allowed to know everything that is happening around you, all about knowledge was limited that time. So I didn’t have any idea why we left to stay at my aunt’s place. I lived there with my cousins, my aunt’s kids, a little older than me, but we did get along very well. I started missing my Lolo that time, but I didn’t take it as a big deal because I knew that my Lolo is just around. Then I decided to go to school, and my auntie enrolled me at Bloomfield Academy somewhere in BF Resort Village Las Pinas City. At first, being a spoiled brat, my reflection in school is not good, all the things I want should and must be done that time, but sooner I came to adjust with it. I had a lot of good experiences in school. I had merit cards, awards for academic excellence, and some special awards for school activities. I met a lot of new friends there and get along with them very well. My Grandmother was the one who is guiding me in my studies that time for I don’t know where was my Grandfather, but sometimes we see each other and talk to each other just to ask how was life as of those days. As I grew up, things weren’t that simple anymore, I started to miss my mother and also started to ask things about her, yes, we do talk on the phone just for her to ask me if I’m just fine, if am I doing good in school and to ask what do I want her to buy for me. She keeps on reminding me of having good grades in school, for it is the only thing that could make her happy. So I did try my best in school to attain good grades, I know she was happy, but still it seems like there is missing, … my mom. I started to ask God why she was not with me, unlike my other friends, their parents are with them, I thought I was the luckiest kid in the world for having my Grandparents, my uncles and aunts, for having everything I want, but I ended up to the fact that I was wrong. I prayed to God for my mother to come home and be with me and spend our lives together till I grow up and I waited for God’s response, but there was nothing. My mother still needs to work abroad for the reasons that I could really not understand (kiddies stuff). So I continued my childhood life, I still received high grades, merits in school, and special awards, my mother as she said, was happy again and the cycle of my life continues all over again. After years passed, I was in my third (rd) grade my Grandfather got sick and was confined in the hospital. The doctor said he has a lung cancer. I was so depressed and I felt so alone that time that I couldn’t even know what might happen next. I started to think about things like how good my Grandfather was, and why such things had to happen. I really don’t know what to do that time. I don’t know if to whom should I lean on to, because I was not really that close with my other relatives. My Grandfather was the one I looked up to; I build dreams for the two of us, made plans for the both of us. But still I didn’t lose hope. I prayed to God for Him to save my Lolo from illness, and thank Him for I know that this time He might grant my wish. I always visit my Lolo at the hospital to bring him some fruits, hoping that it could help to make him feel well. After months, my uncles and aunts brought him to Baguio. I asked them if I could also go so I could take good care of my Lolo, but they didn’t allow me. They said that my Lolo was fine and I should focus on my studies and just to take good care of myself instead. But still I insisted to go with them and they couldn’t stop me, so they brought me with them and I watched over my Lolo from morning till we sleep. But as the days passed, my Lolo started to deteriorate. My Lolo’s illness became more complicated. We went into the hospital again and my aunties told the doctor what happened. The doctor said that my Lolo already have U.T.I. and severe infection in the liver, they tried to treat the disease as what doctors usually do. Few weeks after, I was in the school that time, my auntie called us up to went to the hospital. She said that my Lolo was already telling names of his children and grandchildren. We all rushed into the hospital to check if what was happening. When we arrived at the hospital, I couldn’t believe what I saw, my Lolo was very weak and couldn’t recognize us anymore, a few hours later, he died. I was confused and didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know what to react, what to feel or even what to say. That moment was the darkest day of my life. I couldn’t accept the fact that my Lolo is gone, that I could never ever see him again, I felt so alone. I started to blame God for everything, I got mad and asked him why does He have to take my Grandfather, he was all good and responsible, but why He had taken him away from us. My aunts and uncles called my mom and told her that my grandfather was seriously ill and she has to get home as soon as possible. After two days my mother arrived from abroad without knowing anything about what happened. I saw her really shocked, and depressed. Even she couldn’t believe what she saw. I started to miss my grandfather badly, and because of the pain and hatred that I felt, things turned out miserable. I was in grade 4 then when I started not to attend my classes, I didn’t have interests on studies anymore, I became insensitive about my surroundings. I didn’t care about what others says. All I know is my life is already becoming a complete a complete mess. No one could talk to me seriously, because I wont mind him or her either. I graduated from grade school maybe because of the help of my very considerate teachers. They all knew what happened and they give me passing grades just to be able to graduate from grade school. Graduating wasn’t really a big deal for me that time. As I said, I do not care about anything. I continued my high school in Bloomfield Academy. But this time, I was with mom. My mother decided to stay here for good, seeing me so depressed and so confused made her decide to stay. At first, for me it was just fine. But things started to be different. I had a hard time adjusting with her. As I said before, I used to be spoiled by my Lolo, but when my mother came, a lot of things were changed. I want ‘this’, I want ‘that’, I want ‘those’, … but I just couldn’t have ‘this’, ‘that’ and even ‘those’. I hope you did get me. I became more unmanageable, just like before, I don’t want to go to school to attend my classes. In high school, I met a lot of new friends wherein we jived so great. I cut classes, I failed my subjects, I cheated from my exams, and I’ve done the silliest things a teen could do. Almost everything. Teachers started to get cheesed off me. I was one of the shrewd students in school. My mom was often called into the office and others stuffs like that. In our house, at that time, was also not good. My mom used to scold me everyday and night for coming home late, for putting myself into troubles, for using the phone for hours and a lot more. We used to argue about a lot of things. There was also a time that I ran away from home for the reason that I really do not know until now. I stayed at my friends house for a week, after that I decided to go home and the moment I stepped into the house, it seems like nothing happened. I was really curious about why she didn’t got mad at me, and then I found out that my uncles talked to her and explained to her my side. I then realized that I still have someone to lean on, … my uncles. But I didn’t mind that too much. I continued with my life as a brat, doing nothing but to enjoy my life. (That is how I define fun that time) I get myself into a lot of troubles that time like having cases in school for my behaviors and other stuffs related to that. After I finished with my nd year, I transferred at Augustinian Abbey School also around in BF Resort Village at Las Pinas. I continued my life still the same, I met a set of new friends again, got along together and seek for new adventures. Till I ended up transferring at St. Francis of Assisi College in 4th yr. After months of staying there, I started to think about things in life. And I said to myself, ‘this is my last year in high school’, I tried to reflect on the things that happened in my past, and asked myself, ‘what have I done with my life?’ things were a complete mess. I had this recollection in school and the instructor said about things. He asked us to recall and collect all the good graces God gave us. And I start to recall, jot down the graces I received from Him, and when I tried to count it, … I realized that it was many, that a paper wouldn’t fit for all of those. After that, I came to realize that ‘fun’ doesn’t have to be like having ‘good times’, but having good relationships with people. It is already time for me to move on. I would piss that no one off. That was the real definition of ‘fun’ and ‘happiness’. The whole year was a complete adjustment for me. I tried to be active in school again, tried to be good with my mom and other relatives. I am not going home late anymore, I am more responsible about the things I am doing now. I spend my Christmas last year with my Mom full of happiness in my heart. I feel so refreshed. The big event arrived, … my graduation day. My aunts, my uncles, my Lola and specially my mom was there, very happy for me. Even though my Lolo was not there to share his joy with me, I know that he is happy for me, that I moved on and that I am doing great. After graduation, my family and me decided to go on a vacation to spend more time together. And after a long week of that, I started to look for a new school for college, wherein I could continue what I have started before. Now I am here in San Juan De Letran having my college program of B.S. information technology. And wish that my dreams even without my Lolo would come true. And I will be successful in life.

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