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Prochlorate Exposure

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Perchlorate Essay

In reference to the article “Rocket-Fueled River” by Cheryl Hogue, I would have to say my opinion of the pollution caused by perchlorate exposure is some what of an outrage. It seems careless to say the least that for so long this ion was being distributed in so many different parts going unnoticed. Although clean up for it is underway now, I strongly think that the government and surrounding companies that littered this material should provide more financial funding so that a more effective and quicker method of removing it could be used.

For one, if this ion is harmful to human life in any way, it would seem that those responsible would do their part in helping get rid of it. The article said that the amount that a human could have before it became a risk was still undecided. In my opinion, any amount is a potential danger and should be further looked into for an exact measurement. This substance is a risk to infants and those with thyroid problems. How can it be fair to them to not know how much will harm them and how much they can handle? The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) should put in some more effort to find out a set amount.

Also this water is not just affecting those that live near the Colorado River. It has spread to parts in Arizona, Nevada and California. People all over are receiving drinking water from this river which is contaminated with perchlorate. But it is not just drinking water that could be a threat. Crops and other agricultural productions such as cattle and alfalfa growth could possess this ion. Lettuces grown in these areas are shipped all over the country for people to consume. Because of so many people all across the nation being put at a risk whether large or small, I feel like there should be more attempts to clean up this problem.

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Perchlorate is a much needed ion, but the waste of it should be observed much more carefully. Its existence in water of lakes and rivers is becoming more harmful by the year. If this predicament is not taken care of it could be too late to get under control. It is already said that it could take almost fifty years to get rid of it from the waters. Fifty years seems like a long time to take when people’s lives could be in danger. It’s my opinion that we need to “buckle down” and take action to fix this potentially hazardous crisis.

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