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The Sick Rose

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The Sick Rose

In William Blake’s poem “The Sick Rose”, he uses dark diction to portray the image of a sick rose which symbolizes the emotional distress one lady encounters when she discovers she is not loved anymore.

Blake uses phrases like “thou art sick”, “The invisible worm” and “the howling storm” for a number of different reasons (Insert). First of all, he sets a darkened mood and tone and creates an image that causes the reader to picture an appalling moment in this particular lady’s life. Then he uses these phrases to create imagery so he can depict a tone in which the reader will discover as atrocious or appalling.

First, we examine Blake’s phrase “thou art sick” (Insert). His placement of this phrase as the opening line in the poem gives rise to the thought that this is an appalling poem. Blake could have made this statement at the end of the poem, but he chose not to. Instead, he does this because he is foreshadowing what is to come.

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When he writes “The invisible worm that flies in the night,” (Insert) make note of the use of worm. A worm crawls and digs slowly in a dark dirty environment. Now this runs parallel to the feelings she encounters when her lover starts to become weary of his love for her. When he stopped sensing his love for her, she did not notice right away. It was a slow gradual thing like a worm crawling in dirt. Describing the worm as invisible and portraying it as flying in the night shows how this lady did not foresee her lover’s ending love. Like a bird in the sky, it can’t be heard and if it is nighttime, the bird can’t be seen either. It was as if her lover didn’t know his love was ending for her either.

Next, Blake writes “In the howling storm” (Insert). This phrase is perfect in use as a sequencing tool. The sequencing he uses when he writes this poem shows how the lady has noticed her lover does not care for her anymore and she finally is struck with the thought of her one and only someone not being her one and only someone anymore. When all of a sudden the storm hits and causes a great deal of damage to the countryside or in this poem, her life. In comparison to the lady’s love life, she was only gradually affected by her lover’s changing feelings until one day she realized what was really happening in his mind and then it hit her hard, just like the howling storm.

Lastly, Blake writes at the end of the poem, “Does thy life destroy” (Insert). He chose this phrase to conclude his poem not because he was metaphorically speaking, which is contrary to my thesis, but because he was speaking literally. He puts an end to all of the wondering in what he really meant. This lady has been so deeply saddened that she has decided to commit suicide because she doesn’t want to live without her one and only’s love.

In conclusion, William Blake speaks metaphorically (except for the last line) as to provide imagery and distressing diction to portray this woman’s love life after her boyfriend has had changing thoughts concerning his love for her. I have chosen only to examine these particular phrases to show that Blake’s use of metaphorical phrases has conveyed this detailed imagery.

Blake, William. The Sick Rose. Literature Reading Fiction, Poetry and Drama. Ed. Robert DiYanni. New York McGraw-Hill, 00. Insert after 77.

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