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Skinner realizes that people don’t always like to believe that there actions can be predicted or controlled. People like to think that they are individuals and that humans are spontaneous and could never be controlled by one set of rules. Skinner talked in detail about personal control, education, and the government and how they all played a role in human behavior. A persons action are usually controlled by the society and the peers that they live with. If one does something that the society approves of then that individual receives “admiration, approval, affection, and many other reinforcements which increase the likelihood that he will continue to behave in the same fashion.” (Skinner 1057) If one does something that society does not approve of then he is treated as an outcast and rejected from society. Education also plays a big part in shaping human behavior. In earlier times the professor or teacher tried to make the students learn by force which created an unhappy learning environment. Later they tried using a tecnique called positive reinforcement. This lead to people admiring the students who seemed to have inner knowledge and looked down on the students who had to learn or use some sort of “crutch” to figure out the answer. Also the government plays key roles in shaping human behavior. Humans seem to not like things as much if they are planned or fixed. People are slow to change there ways of thinking what is right and wrong. When they feel comfortable with what they know they don’t like it to be disturbed with knew ideas and new philosophies.

Rogers agrees with Skinner on many of the same issues and makes many of the same points. He also disagrees with some of the statements that skinner made. He believes that if the current philosophers are only interested in advancing there field of study then they will have to go to the people with the power to make that happen. If that is the case then everything that they have said in their writings is contradicted by there actions. Rogers make the point that if Skinner followed his own teachings then he should do what the majority of society is doing. Skinner does not follow the “well behaved” pattern, he goes outside of that and writes about things that most people would disagree with. Even though Rogers makes many comments about how the idea of controlling human behavior would not work he still believes that one day, in some form that it may happen.

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