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Vin Diesel media coursework

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Vin Diesel- Media Coursework

For my English coursework I have been asked to look at an article by David Eimer on

Vin- Diesel and analyse whether or not the article is being critical towards him.

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Here are my conclusions

With the article is a very attractive picture of Vin- Diesel. He looks a very cool slick guy, with his stylish sunglasses and his smooth shaven head. I think the image alone immediately attracts the younger generation in particular as the cool, heroic, fearless role model. From looking at the caption I would suspect the article is to promote him, his stunts, his looks, however I find it to be rather deceiving. As it could be a very sarcastic way of showing his image. Especially being in the newspaper “The Sunday Times”, I as a viewer may not believe everything I read, as newspaper articles are not always reliable for information. I am not there, I am being told information that’s to say whether it is true or not at the moment it’s Vin- Diesel Verses the media. Especially the fact that this is a written article. Things come across differently in the flesh. Body language, face expressions, tone in voice, perhaps not this article but articles can be very unreliable. Newspapers sometimes twist information to make them sound negative things he says or the way he says them.

However I do think the lay out of the article is good, text is laid out round the image.

The article is I think is aimed at teenagers, however, the article may change their initial thoughts of him.

I think that the tone of the author is quite sarcastic and critical and doesn’t really make Diesel out the hero he may be. For instance the reporter says, “He certainly looks the part with his bulging biceps and sunglasses…He sounds the part, too, with a voice as low as the rumble of an underground train. Is so low in fact, that I keep having to crane towards where he is slumped, opposite me on a sofa in a Beverly Hills hotel.” This comment is a really sarcastic way of saying his voice is so low I can’t even hear him, and he can’t even sit on a chair properly. I don’t see this in anyway really promoting him. Just for the record, I have watched his movies and also a few interviews and I can’t honestly say I agree with the reporter. Diesels voice is rather unique but not so you can’t hear him.

There is also the part of the article where he is being contrasted with his icon Mel Gibson, “In contrast Diesel, 5, is a former New York Night club bouncer with a modest list of credits and a silly but memorable screen name. This Basically saying Mel Gibson is an instantly recognisable artist, Diesel isn’t and has a stupid screen name.

The reporter also mocks Vin-Diesels Mother and her job. As you can see there is quite a negative, sardonic and cynical tone.

Reporter- “ Diesel never seemed to have doubted that he would become famous. Disappointingly, his astrologer Mother never read it in the stars…” Suggesting that astrologers can’t see it in the stars, his Mother never thought he would become famous, its all make believe, basically mocking her and her job.

The tone of the writer is almost always sarcastic. I think the reporter does know what a hit Vin is, but he often criticizes to make the article juicier to stir things a little.

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