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Affirmative Action and racial profiling

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Affirmative action means taking positive steps to boost the representation of women and minorities in areas of the work place and schools from which they have been excluded through histories process. Affirmative action is good at times but when it used to supposedly advance the goal of racial understanding and harmony in schools, it is wrong. Colleges as well as other schools are using racial preferences when they choose students. In doing so they go against the constitution in a numerous of ways. The question of affirmative action has also occurred in the lawsuit against the University of Michigan. Not only is it taking place in colleges but also with children in the Chicago Public Schools selective enrollment high school programs. Affirmative action is an immense opportunity to give minorities a chance at education but when it is used in impractical ways it becomes unreasonable.

The Constitution guarantees equality for everyone despite your ethnic background or gender. Affirmative action guarantees this for all minorities but the way it is used in universities to broaden the goal of racial understanding by excluding more preferable Caucasian students for their admission that becomes unfair. This is inequitable because it goes against the Constitution. One way is by the fourteenth amendment. This amendment guarantees the principle that that people be treated the same way in the eyes of the law. These racial quotas should not be in the way of deciding one person’s ability in their schoolwork since it was banned twenty-five years ago. By using racial preferences in deciding whether or not someone is eligible to be admitted into a school is unconstitutional. It’s vital that the government honor its solemn commitment.

The questions of racial preferences is being addressed in Supreme Court once more even after the banned quotas twenty-five years ago. The questions occurred in cause of fury from three white students rejected by the University of Michigan. Those students are now suing the school for racial preferences. In their argument they believe as stated before that it is unconstitutional and ask that the government live up to its commitment. Against them however Michigan’s lawyers however believe that there are many other factors that go into account before race is even addressed in admissions. Many others also support Michigan State and began to protest on their feelings. Both sides make excellent argument of views and points of opinion. Constitutionally, however, it may ban racial preferences in education but it also may give a better diverse educational setting.

Not only are the students seeing racial preferences take affect in college but as well as high schools. In the Chicago Public schools eighth graders must be required to put their race and gender and it may even take part as in the process of how you can be selected. This sort of racial inclinations is also unconstitutional and should not be in affect. In keeping racial preferences it gives the more qualified students that are in the smaller majority needed at the school a smaller chance at a better opportunity to get school that will challenge them in ways to their level. These racial preferences seem to become a good for a diverse educational setting at first. After a while, nevertheless, they may not turn put as well as expected. In high school you can learn about other cultures without having racial preferences. Education also gives you the experience of learning different ethnic backgrounds. Subsequently, the ways of racial preferences may be ruining education in college as well as in high school.

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Affirmative action guarantees women and minorities a chance at a better way of life and to be equally treated despite the way history has demeaned them. Racial preferences also help in this way but at times when it is used in ways to broaden the goals at a better understanding of diversity is becomes inane. Not only is it unreasonable but also it goes against the constitution and everything our government was based upon. Racial preferences have once again been brought up again do to rejection to students from the college of their choice. These students are in their right place and our right to question their admission. This not only takes place in colleges but also high schools. No matter where it happens it is unconstitutional and the government is going against the equal rights established for all by the written document our country stands for, the Constitution.

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