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In the novel Looking for Alibrandi, Melina Marchetta, the author demonstrates the concept of change through Josephine.

One event in the novel that changes Josephine’s perspective is when the meeting of her father occurs. Initially before she has even met him, she resents him and feels hate towards him, because she feels that he up and left her mother while pregnant with her (Josephine).

When Josephine first meets her father (Michael) she realizes that he is a intelligent normal human being. Josephine continues living her life normally, oblivious of her father until the point where she gets into a fight at school with another girl named Carly Bishop.

Carly’s father prepares to take legal action against Jose. Jose with no other options is forced to call her father (a lawyer) and asked to come to the school to settle the situation.

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Michael Andretti (Josephine’s father) quickly resolves the issue and walks out with his daughter.

As Josephine and Michael are walking together, Jose finds that she likes having a father figure, someone to look up to and someone to protect her. At this point she has a change in her perspective. The father type figure is something that she has been lacking all her life and despised it for no reason at all, and comes to the conclusion that having a father is something everyone needs.

Secondly, another major theme in regards to change is Josephines perspective on her own identity. In the beginning Jose is very self-conscience, she believes that her ethnic background and her appearance are the very elements that effect her popularity and social acceptance. Jose’s change in perspective of her heritage is a gradual phase into accecptance and pride. She begins to realize that her heritage is who she is, where she is from and who she is with. She becomes comfortable with her relationships with people, realizing that her real friends don’t care where she is from, they are only there because they love the content of her character. This is shown through the “Tomato Day” that the family holds once a year. She usually would hold back and resist the day at all cost’s but is proud of what her family is and is not ashamed to invite her boyfriend/friends in to join in on the fun.


The text, Sky High, displays the changing of perspective from the authors shoes, Hannah Robert. The text consists of six stanzas, five of the first six are directed at childhood memories, past experiences and achievements. The final stanza is basically preoccupied with the burdens of adulthood.

Hannah Robert gives the reader an insight into the world of her childhood, and her perspective of the world at that time. Robert discusses the way she looked at the world at her age, “the patchy lawn like spectators.” The achievement of climbing to the top of the clothes line, being able to “perch above the yard.”

Looking back at her childhood makes things seem so simple but during childhood things seem so difficult, as in climbing to the top of a clothes line may seem to be a very difficult task to accomplish as a child, but as an adult the task seems so simple that there is not enough time to simply do it.

Now the author is old enough to be able to go back and reflect on the experiences in the past and present, she is able to reproduce a small text about her life and how a person is forced to change with age.

The link between this text and the prescribed text “Looking for Alibrandi” is that you cannot control everything in life. As a person grows, they must learn to mature and accept certain things. Things such as Family, Background, Religion etc. Growing up can change a lot of these things, one may loose a family member or a friend, and can even struggle coming to terms with the situation they are in now. Hannah Robert and Josephine Alibrandi both struggled to come to terms of who they are and what they have become. With Hannah Robert she realizes that she loved life so much more when she was a child, when the hardest task to accomplish was climbing a clothes line. She struggles to come to terms with what she has become. Josephine Alibrandi found it difficult to realize that she is who she is, and cannot change that. Her cultural background is a part of her that she must accept in order to live her life well without any regrets.

Looking for Alibrandi and Sky-High are all interrelated on how they develop an understanding of the area of study change. All of the following text types all show a relationship binding them together. Alibrandi, shows a unique way a young person grows up, and how they may change in the process. Things that are discovered and the situation changes. In this case, Josephine discovers her roots and lost relationships, and makes decisions that affect her perspective of the world, and in this case, for the better.

Sky-High, examines the way a persons perspective of the world can change as they age. Things seem to get more intense and more difficult as you grow, but there are certain choices one may make in order to live a more satisfactory life.

Looking back from an older age at the things one did while younger, can make one think about the choices they have made, the regrets they may have, and the things they can do now.

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