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ethics on abortion

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Ethics is known as moral philosophy. it is the discipline concerened with what is morally good and bad, right and wrong. This position paper will base my opinion on the ethics of abortion.

People who are against abortion may come to a conclusion that a fetus is a human being. By the tenth week, a fetus has already formed what the basic parts of a human body is. Abortion is wrong for the mere fact taht no innocent person should be killed unjustly. Every human being has the right to live. Even though a woman has the right to chose and decide what should or should not happen in her own body still- A fetuss right to live is stronger than teh mothers right to decide what should happen in her body.

In this case two people are involved. One of them has a life that is threatened and another one who threatens it. Both of them are innocent it is no ones fault. The person threatened can intervene and part from this plan. To deprive someone of what one has a right to is to treat one unjustly. If a mother decides to abort a fetus, she is considered unjust. If a woman is involved in intercourse and she knows in the back of her conscious mind that shell end up being pregnant, isnt she in part responsible for the creation of the child or the unborn person inside her? In this situation, the mother is inviting the fetus in.

In the case of a 14 year old school girl getting raped the majority of people may react and sayShe didnt invite the fetus in, so the fetus has no right to the use of the girls body. Thus aborting it wouldnt be unjust killing. It will just conclude that the school girl is simply self-centered, callous, mean , selfish, but not unjust. She is not required to make a sacrifice for months in order to keep a person she doesnt want to take care of alive. There is nothing wrong on putting a baby for adoption. The baby was meant to be born a rape incident.

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In sum i personally beleive taht abortion is a cruel act. It shouldnt be legal and it should be abolished.

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