Thursday, May 10, 2012

Geography Year 7 Cane toads

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1. Rigor Mortis is the muscular stiffening of a mammal following death. Andre the dog acquired it by biting the wrong end of a cane toad, which immediately solidified his legs, and of course, killed him.

. A cult film is a film that has a developed and devoted following among select groups of film fans. Some have even become the subject of intellectual obsession or worship. To name a few, Pulp Fiction, The Rocky Horror show, American Psycho, etc..

. The evidence presented shows that the Cane Toad eats many living creatures, in fact every animal smaller than it! It destroys environments by modifying them, basically altering the food cycle of Australia. In a quotation from Associate Professor Michael Tyler, he says that Kakadu, a pristine wetland, will be infested with cane toads in more or less 10 years, wiping out entire species such as birds, goanna’s and frogs.

4. On June nd 15, Australian sugar-cane farmers imported the bufo marinus, or cane toad, from Hawaii to destroy the crop-damaging Cane Grub. The descendents of the original toads virtually took over half a continent, wiping out many species and of course, failing to accomplish their original task.

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5. Pristine Wetlands are lowland areas which are covered with water and moisture that are uncorrupted by civilization and remain in a pure state. I think that pristine wetlands, like Kakadu, remain virtually untouched by pollution and people, making them a habitat for animals and plants. As stated by Michael Tyler in the article, the cane toads will have catastrophic effects on pristine wetlands such as Kakadu if they reach them.

6. I think Cane Toads slowly migrate southward because of the moist, tropical Northern Territory, which since they were introduced in Queensland, a moist temperate state with hot summers, they need to move to pretty much the only place in Australia that is moist and tropical, meaning that it has a large amount of water for the cane toads to flourish in.

7. The Rabbit, Mouse and Fox are all introduced species which are currently a threat to the environment.

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