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Castilla la Mancha, is located at the very center of the Iberian peninsula, it

is surrounded by a huge level area, although there are mountainous landscapes

too. One of the most famous tourist location in the province is Toledo. It was

once the capital of Spain and it is known for its many monuments from the

Moorish, Mudejar, Gothic, and Renaissance Periods, it is also known for its

famous swords. Another popular sightseeing attraction is Cuenca, or the

“Enchanting Medieval City”. This is known for its “Hanging Houses”, the Gothic

Cathedral and the Museum of Abstract Art. In Cuenca there are numerous

amazing natural preserves, amongst them is Ciudad Encantada, the “enchanted

city”, where erosion had shaped the most peculiar forms. Ciudad Real is noticed

by the history of Don Quijote who is said to have fought against the windmills at

the nearby Campo de Criptana.

The province La Mancha is known for its recognized inhabitants. One of

the most contemporary and popular of them is film director, Pedro Almodovar,

who is fifty-one years of age. His most famous film is “Todo sobre mi madre” or

in English “All About my Mother”. The talented actress Penelope Cruz, who is

seen around the world and is also from La Mancha. The tall-tale character known

as Don Quijote has a famous route after him, although his creator wasn’t born in

this province, this character is not just famous in Spain but also in every other part of the world.

Castilla-La-Mancha was created by a statute of autonomy approved in

18. This province is governed by a regional parliament. there are 47

congressmen and woman from Castilla-La-Mancha. The province’s economy is

known all around Spain for its agriculture production, and cattle raising. The

agricultural vicinity of this province is known for its classical farming techniques in

dry areas of farmland, where they produce cereals, Vines, and olives. The

Agrarian sector has a forest full of prosperity and makes many riches for this

region of Spain.

Castilla-La-Mancha is a very beautiful and cultural province in Spain. It is

known for its distinct foods and artistry because of the unique cultural history of

this region. La-Mancha’s cities are described as architectonical treasures with

magnificent monuments. The province has a great economy and is home to

many famous Spaniards. This is why Castilla-La-Mancha is recognized as one of

the most unique and elegant provinces in Spain.

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