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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban

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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (EB)

Dear Mrs. Farkas,

My book is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, by J.K Rowling. It is about Harry Potter, a young wizard who is now 1, and is known by every wizard because he survived from the greatest dark wizard, Voldemort. Harry has had many encounters with Lord Voldemort, and survived each time! Anyway Harry has just received letters from all his good friends like Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, and Hagrid. With the letters where birthday presents for his 1th birthday. Harry also got a letter from Professor McGonagall, saying when school starts and that third years are allowed to visit Hogsmeade, with a permission letter. When Harry asks his uncle for permission to go to Hogsmeade, his aunt Marge is also there. His uncle Vernon says no, and then his Aunt Marge starts laughing and agrees. Harry gets really mad at his aunt and blows her up! Then Harry realizing he can’t do magic outside of school, gets his bags and makes a run for it. He wants to live his life as a hobo, but first has to go to Gringotts Bank to get his gold out. What will happen to Harry next?

At night Harry is trying to get to London somehow, and then he sees this bear like dog about to attack him. Suddenly a bus comes called the Knight Bus, it helps the lost wizards and takes them to where they want to go. On the bus Harry gives a fake name, his friends name Neville Longbottom. The assistant on the bus Sam gives Harry the newspaper, on the front is on article about Sirius Black says to be the heir apparent of Lord Voldemort. He killed 1 people with one single curse! And after 1 years locked up in Azkaban (a wizard jail surrounded by dementors who are demons the are 1 feet tall and where a hood to cover their whole body very dangerous!) Black escapes and that is suppose to be impossible. When Harry gets to London he gets to Diagon Alley where he buys his school supplies, but he wants to go to the bank. Then Cornelius Fudge the Minister of the Ministry of Magic finds Harry and says hello and gives Harry a room at the Leaky Cauldron and tells Harry not to get out after dark. Harry is surprised he is not suspended. Later Ron comes with his family and Hermione and they shop around for their supplies. The night before Harry was supposed to go to school Harry hears Ron’s parents arguing about telling Harry about Sirius Black that he is out to kill Harry because one of the guards at Azkaban heard Sirius muttering in his sleep that “he’s in Hogwarts”.

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Harry is not scared because he thinks Sirius can’t be any worse then Voldemort.

On the train to Hogwarts Harry sees a dementor, and faints, and then later wakes up. At school Harry is teased about the dementor incident a little. Harry has two new teachers for Defense against the Dark Arts he has Professor Lupin who have both taken a liking to each other. And for his new class Divination Harry had Professor Trelawny who predicted a lot of bad stuff, and Harry’s death this year. Also the Fat Lady (the Gryffindor password holder) had been stabbed by who she says was Sirius Black! Dumbledore take precaution and tells everyone to stay inside and will be suspended if caught. Everyone was keeping a close watch on Harry especially the teachers because Harry was targeted by Black. Ron’s pet rat Scabbers has been eaten by Hermione’s pet cat Crookshanks, now Ron is really angry at Hermione and wont talk to her. Harry and the other Gryffindor teammates had to verse Ravenclaw in Quidditch. Harry saw a dementor and fainted again, dropped from 50 feet and broke his broomstick, they also lost the match, they had to win if they wanted the Trophy. Later Harry found this map called the Marauder’s Map it is the map of the whole building, all the secret passages and tells where everyone is, works on invisibility cloaks also. Harry also got a Firebolt the best broomstick ever, everybody treated it like royal. But they didn’t know who it was from, no card. Hermione tells Professor McGonagall that Harry got a broomstick, from someone and she took it to check it for jinxes incase it was sent by Sirius. They where both mad at her now. Harry was practicing with Professor Lupin on how to stop the dementors in case they show up in Harry’s game with Ravenclaw. Harry learned the Patronus a spell which is for advanced wizards. On Harry’s game against Ravenclaw he got his Firebolt back, and caught the snitch and won the game. In the Gryffindor common room there was a party. Later that night while everybody was sleeping Ron woke up with an ear shattering yell, he said he saw Sirius Black standing on his bedside with a knife! Nobody believed him at first, but then Professor McGonagall asked Sir Cadagon if he saw anyone come in and he said yeah a man, he had all the passwords.Hagrid’s bird Buckbeak was going to be executed in a couple of days and Harry, Ron, and Hermione comforted him. Harry and Ron started talking again to Hermione, and she had smacked Malfoy their nemesis across the face. Harry and the team had beat Slytherin in the Quidditch final and Harry was awarded the trophy! The three kids went to Hagrid’s house, to comfort him and there Ron found his rat Scabbers. They all left because Dumbledore and the executor were coming. While the three were walking under the invisibility cloak, Ron dropped Scabbers and ran for him. In the Whomping Willow Tree. There the three saw Crookshanks and the bear like dog for the 6th time. The dog took ran by his mouth and while dragging him broke his leg. Harry and Hermione found a tunnel which lead to the Shrieking Shack where no one dare goes. There they saw Crookshanks and Ron lying on the bed holding his leg. Ron told Harry that the dog is Sirius Black he’s and Animagus. (the power to change into an animal and human.) Sirius was right behind Harry and with Ron’s wand disarmed Harry and Hermione and talked to Harry about Harry’s father and how they were friends. Suddenly Harry reached up and got his wand, and disarmed Sirius. He was pointing his wand at Sirius’s chest and was about to kill him. Then suddenly Professor Remus Lupin came disarmed Harry and Hermione and picked up Sirius and held him like a brother. Harry and Hermione thought that Lupin betrayed them and helped Black into the castle, but he denied that he did that. He convinced the three kids to let him and Black tell them the truth. He said that Ron’s rat Scabbers wasn’t a rat it was an Animagus, by the name of Peter Pettigrew. Lupin starts his story by saying that when he was little he was bitten by a werewolf and every full moon he turned into a werewolf. But Dumbledore let Remus in his school and built the Whomping Willow and the tunnel for Remus to stay every month because he was dangerous. He was happy he had friends, Sirius Black, Peter Pettigrew, and James Potter. When Lupin’s friends found out that he was a werewolf they helped him they decided to become Animagus. They also told on how Black tricked Snape into almost getting killed because he was nosy and James had then saved Snape.

Then suddenly Snape came out of the invisibility cloak he was hiding in, and disarmed everybody and tied Lupin. Snape was about to kill Black, but Harry not knowing why really stopped Snape and made him unconscious. Then Lupin took the rat from Ron did a spell on it then suddenly it turned into Peter Pettigrew. He denied everything Snape said about betraying Lily and James Potter (he was the secret keeper) and going to Lord Voldemort, and tried to put it on Black. After making Peter confess a little Lupin asked Harry if you believed him and Snape, Harry nodded his head as in yes. Then Peter confessed everything that he killed Lily and James Potter that he killed the thirteen people and blamed Black. Just about when Lupin and Sirius were about to kill Peter Harry stopped them and said this is proof to get out Black. Harry remembering Black was his godfather. They tied Peter up with Ron who couldn’t walk and Snape by himself. They were almost in the castle when Lupin who didn’t take his potion turned into a werewolf, and was dangerous, Black told Harry to take Ron, Hermione, and Peter, but then Peter transformed into a rat and ran away. Then the 1 dementors came the were about to kill Harry and Black who was bleeding, suddenly Harry did a Patronus that was really strong, Hermione got knocked out doing it, then while Harry was fainting he saw his dead come out of his wand and stop the dementors.Harry and Hermione woke up in the hospital in Hogwarts they saw Mr. Fudge congratulating Snape, Snape said he stopped the dementors. They found out that Sirius was going to be executed. Dumbledore came to talk Harry and Hermione saying there nothing he can do. Then he said “only if we can go back in time.” That rang a bell in Hermione’s ear she took Harry and put a necklace on him, as well as her, “you must not be seen” says Dumbledore. Harry is very confused. Hermione tells Harry that Professor McGonagall his given her something to go back in time, so she can do her studies, but no one should see them. They go back in the past and they had to save two innocent lives Buckbeak’s and Blacks. This was going to be impossible they thought. They found Buckbeak and saw themselves going into the Whomping Willow. They waited until the executor saw Buckbeak and then they took Buckbeak. After an hour they saw themselves leaving the tunnel. Then the executor getting the dementors to kill Sirius. Then Harry and Hermione go on Buckbeak flew up to Sirius and rescued him. Then Hermione and Harry went back to the Hospital, laid down and Hermione flipped the time glass over again. They were back. Snape was furious of what happen, and Dumbledore congratulated Harry and Hermione. They told Ron what happen. Then Gryffindor won the house cup. While Harry was on the train he got a letter from Sirius, saying that he gave him the Firebolt and that he is on the run. He also gave Harry permission to go to Hogsmeade on the weekends as Sirius is his godfather. That was my book.


Tarun Goyal

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