Friday, May 4, 2012

Interpersonal feelings

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The instructor that I decided to observe is one of the best teachers I have ever had. I was never interested at all in the subject she teaches when I was in high school, but after I took a class with her last semester I wanted to take another class with her this year. She knows her facts and information so well and the way that she presents it in class, whether verbal or nonverbal, makes learning a lot more interesting and fun.

She uses a lot of nonverbal ways of communicating in class, but the most influential way she uses it would have to be in the different body movements she does. She is constantly writing key terms and words on the board and then going back and circling and/or underlining then. I think she does this so that she can imprint these key terms and ideas into our minds so we will be able to use the information on the quizzes and exams. She also uses a lot of hand movements. These constant hand movements and actions keep the class on top of the lectures and discussions, and increase the amount of questions that students ask during class.

She also uses a lot of eye contact with each of her students. Giving each of us the knowledge that she knows whether we are paying attention or not, and believe me if you aren’t paying attention the look that she gives you makes you pay attention. She is looking for the feedback as to whether the class understands the lecture, whether we are bored with it, if we are puzzled or if we agree or disagree with what she is saying. She is also uses our responses and looks to determining whether or not she can go on to the next topic in the lecture.

She often changes the tone of her voice which gets the important messages across. The change in her tone of voice grabs your attention and opens your mind to everything that she has to say. Her emphases on the more boring parts of the text, which makes the chapters easier to grasp and understand.

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In taking the time to observe this teacher I have come to the conclusion that she knows a lot about nonverbal communication. She uses these different ways of communicating with her students in order to get their attention and make her class easier to understand. She does a great job with it and I think that is part of the reason her class is so interesting to take.

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