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Much can be debated on the sinking of the American cruise ship, the Lusitania. This event greatly contributed to the beginnings of World War 1. The blame for this ship goes to both the British Admiralty (led by Winston Churchill) and the German U-Boat that fired the Lusitania-aimed torpedo.

In 115, the Lusitania was headed for Germany to drop some foods, goods, and people. During this time, the British set up a blockade north of Germany. In response to this, Germany began sending out submarines to take down rival ships. America’s neutrality was observed by both countries during this period, or so was thought. In Germany, a secret British room 40 in a hotel picked up German wires and telegrams. One wire picked up was the location of a German U-Boat in the area of Lusitania’s direction. Winston Churchill headed this decoding operation and knew of the U-Boat’s whereabouts. Churchill refused to warn the American’s of this threat even though Britain was the enemy. The U.S. received an anonymous message stating the threat, but disregarded it as a joke. America would have responded if the message was from a reliable source, like the British Admiralty. In refusing to warn the U.S., Churchill indirectly triggered a global-scale war with the sinking of the Lusitania

Of course, the German U-Boat is to blame also. Knowing of America’s neutrality, Germany complied to not fire on ships with American passengers if it did not carry ammunition. The German’s knew that the Lusitania was an American liner and did not know that it carried ammunition, even though it did. With the Lusitania in its sights, the U-Boat fired a torpedo knowing of the intended victim. The firing of the torpedo broke the compromise between Germany and America.

The sinking of the Lusitania helped trigger WW 1. Both the British Admiralty and the German U-Boat are to blame for this incident. The decisions of these entities led to their fate in the war.

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