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gThank you all for all the prayers. It is good to hear . . . (If you are) wondering why I havent been injured yet . . . (its because) you all got angels and Jesus and God surrounding. . . . I pray for you all every day, too.

1th September 16

It was a letter she received from her son nearly two weeks ago. Her little precious one. She looked at it and started praying again and again. She prays for him every day since he left her alone. It was a war that separated them. She was waiting. Thought of her son came back any time soon. She believed he is surrounded by angels and that kept her going. She thought about him all day believing that her son was doing what he needed to do to rid this world of terrorists. Every time she launched a different phase of the war. She was wondering how he was doing. She remembered how he was so excited when he joined the Armyc

She looked at the railway located front of her. This was the place when she saw him last. She was crying over at him, begging him not to leave her alone. After all there was a phase he told her it was his job to bring peace into this place.

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There was a time when they were full of happiness. The time when his dad was still alive. His dad was a brave war warrior, who also fought for the country. She married him after hefs return from the war then there was born of her little precious one. They lived just front of beautiful lake near the mountains. They didnft like to live in the city, where someone ruled over them. They only wanted freedom. When he was young he used to play war games with his dad. It wasnft ones of those silly one but you make little mad ball and threw them at each other. She was thinking how a long time can be seen as so short after while. She was scared thinking now its coming back to him as a cold metal bullet. Through his soft body lead him into cold death. All sort of thought went through her brain.

How much she loved him. She was and always. The love that they shared always seemed so true. Their time may be passed, but she will always cherish, all of the memories. Our words could not perish. As she stand alone she remembered his dreams. It all seemed so real, but nothings as it seems. Maybe time is an illusion. All of the good times, he and she shared together. Shell never forget him. Hell remain in her heart. Together forever.

She was dreaming a nightmare... How many days have passed by after the day when he left? Am I still arriving? At last there was another letter. It was a report of her precious onefs death. She panicked. After long pause she was walked towards where she always prayed for him. She sat there not talking, not thinking anything. She was tired, tired from her life. After one night people found her lying down on the street, as cold as ice. It was a story of how the war brings such a thing.

This day September 17 year after she passed away, I pray for her. After her death there was no one to wait for his return. There was no need for it anymore. If I could talk to him now, I would tell him that she loves him and are proud of him even though they are no longer standing on the earthc

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