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Themes play a very significant role in the novel My Brilliant Career by Miles Franklin, helping to develop the plot and characters. Themes like Australian society and wealth and poverty impact the way in which Sybylla is able to live her life; as do the ideals of marriage with which Sybylla is confronted. These themes impact and even control the way in which the characters are able to live out their lives.

In the late 1800’s society played a consequential part in the way people could live their lives. Sybylla wants to break free from the shackles of society and live her life the way that she wants. “Career! That is all girls think of now, instead of being good wives and mothers and attending to their homes.” Sybylla does not want to get married and have children as society is pressing her to do, she wants a career, a life and an identity outside of whom she is married to and how much power he wields. Society back then was very racist. People from other countries were thought to be dirty and useless, “if you can’t stand the stink of that bloomin’ chow, miss, just change seats with me”. The rules of society dominated Sybylla’s whole life; everything about her was shunned by society’s values. If you were poor society proclaimed you as the lowest class of people, whereas the rich were awed, living like kings.

“If you didn’t care for me when I was thought to be in a position to give you all that girls like, you could never look at me now that I’m a pauper”. Harry believed that Sybylla would never want to marry him once he became poor, class distinctions were very prominent. Poverty and wealth is a theme that Sybylla was confronted with, she was faced with social starvation, living out of pocket in Possum Gully “this life of poverty which I hated”. She then moved to a completely different life of parties, music and literature at Five Bob Downs. Sybylla went from being a depressed, self loathing teenager at Possum Gully to an uplifted and outgoing young woman at Five Bob Downs because of the life she now led. Apart from the exception of rich family members, the only way to escape from poverty was to marry into a family of wealth, sacrificing love for the sake of money.

Marriage was what all young women were supposed to want, to marry into a respectable family, love was just a bonus. “Never mention marriage to me again. I have made up my mind � it must be NO.” Sybylla was extremely wary of marriage. Her mother and aunt Helen both married for love, her mother turned bitter from a life of hardships and her aunt Helen had been left a social outcast when her husband left her for his mistress. Even though Sybylla loved Harry dearly she refused to adhere to society, the ideal of marriage was yet another thing to rebel against. When Sybylla was engaged her behavior was still seen as undesirable “explain your conduct with other men… I won’t have a girl with my engagement ring on her finger going on the way you do”. Sybylla was an exception in a society that saw women as pawns to be used by men for their every whim. The theme of marriage gives the book realism, even though the book is so old marriage is still something that people today are faced with.


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With society controlling her life, wealth and poverty governing it and the degradation she called marriage being thrust in her face Sybylla was sure to have been bound to a life that she detested. Somehow, through her own strength of will and character she was able to overcome these things and do what she had always wanted, to become a writer. These themes tried to control Sybylla’s life, she defined herself by being apart from society, and without these themes Sybylla would have been an average everyday girl living in the late 1800’s. Themes impacted greatly on the novel helping to show Sybylla’s feelings and interests and giving an appropriate view of society at the time.

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