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Strength and Weakness

Strengths Books to sell; airbrushing t-shirts; length of time sold t-shirts

Published and illustrated many books

Weakness New to publishing; not well known; unable to communicate well and use words such as count on me; Sound cheap, saying that he don’t know if he can attend because of money issues.

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I am writing in regards to your article that was in Publisher’s Weekly promoting your upcoming bookseller show that will be hosted in the summer of 00. I would like to gather some information to showcase my books that will be launch in May 00, titled, How to Make Money in the Sign Painting Business. I will also be performing live airbrushing on T-shirts to display the new title, T-shirt Art.

If you would like to showcase my appearance as part of you publicity in your show, I have enclose a biography and a photo of myself, as well as you can read PW in the May 00 issue to gather information about me for your show.


If face with the problem that a customer are unhappy because we can’t keep up with the demand of light bulbs in my company. I would use the solution (a) I would call the manufacture and explain to them the problem and inform them that a solution would have to be correct within 0 days. I would also send them out a letter stating the issues and addressing the issue in a formal letter per our conservation. Why because I would call them because they might not know that this is an issue. nd This would give them time to come up with a solution. rd The letter issue would be because CYB- Cover your Butt. They way they can not say that they were unaware of the problem or the telephone call.

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