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Summary: "Lord of the Flies" by William Golding

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William Golding Lord of the Flies

- First Chapter The Sound of the Shell

- The aeroplane of a group of British school children crashed on an island in the Pacific.

- Two boys can climb out of the wreck first Ralph and Piggy. They reveal that they are alone on this island with no adults.

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- At the beach they find a big conch shell and use it as a horn. Suddenly more children appear and they meet on the beach.

- They become a group of about thirty children aged from 5 to 1 years.

- Being assure that rescue is inevitable, they decide to vote for a chief. It is a decision between Ralph and a boy called Jack, leader of a uniformed, marching choir.

- Ralph is voted in, because he has possession of the conch.

- Immediately Ralph sends out a group to explore, if they are really on an island. They discover that this is true and that the island must be uninhabited.

- Jack and Ralph seem to become friends and they have fun together.

- The hunters catch a piglet in the jungle, but Jack cannot kill it. He is embarrassed and promises to kill the next time.

- Second Chapter Fire on the Mountain

- During another meeting Jack insists on a group of hunters and talks excitedly about the piglet.

- Ralph begins to lay down first rules. The person who wants to speaks needs to hold the conch shell. No one is allowed to interrupt the holder of the conch except Ralph. The conch begins to symbolize the organization of society.

- Then a child is given the conch shell and starts to talk about a “beastie” that he saw in the dark.

- Ralph doubts its existence first, but Jacks announces that the hunters will kill the beast, if it does exist.

- Then Ralph wants to light a fire on a mountaintop, to help them being rescued from the island.

- Everyone is excited and they make a pile of wood on the top of the mountain. Jack, against Piggy’s protest, grabs his specs to light the fire with. Piggy comments that the light only produces little smoke.

- Jack begins to argue with Piggy, who tells Jack that he has the conch and should not be interrupted.

- Jack says, “The conch doesn’t count on top of the mountain, so you shut up.” Jack is beginning to dislike the rules of the conch.

- The hunters have to take shifts in order to keep the fire going. After the fire got out and half of the forest was burned before, Piggy complains about their sense of responsibility. Later, one boy is missing, he must be killed by the flames. The boys cannot believe what they have done.

- Third Chapter Huts on the Beach

- Days later Jack is still improving his hunting tasks, Ralph and Simon are trying to build huts on the beach.

- The other kids are not interested in helping anymore, they rather have fun on the beach.

- Jack and Ralph have a first argument Is it more important to hunt or to build huts?

- The fear of the “beastie” comes up again, that is why they build huts. Jack feels when he is hunting alone that he is “not hunting � but being hunted. As though something is behind you all the time in the jungle.”

- Jack wants to hunt some pigs again, although Ralph insists that keeping up the signal fire is more important. They start to dislike each other.

- Simon finds a clearing in the jungle where he wants to stay sometime.

- Fourth Chapter Painted Faces and Long Hair

- Jack starts to paint his hunters’ faces, gives them a “mask” of painted camouflage.

- The mask allows Jack not to worry about rescue and what he knows is right. Behind it he can do what he likes.

- Suddenly Ralph recognizes a ship passing the island, but there is only small smoke on the mountaintop. He runs up to the summit, but the fire has gone out, the watchers are gone.

- Jake and a crowd of hunters appear at the summit, carrying a dead pig. All they can talk about is the hunt and the kill, they do not care about the fire. When Ralph tells them a ship passed the island they fall silent.

- Jack tries to make excuses, but after all Piggy’s protests Jack beats him to the ground and one lens of his specs breaks, that lit the fire.

- Jack apologizes about the fire, but Ralph does not accept.

- Later the fire is re-lit and the pig is roasted, the kids start to dance and chant around the fire.

- Ralph calls an assembly although it is dark out.

- Fifth Chapter Beast From Water

- An assembly is called and Ralph complains about everyone not following the rules.

- He tells them that “...we ought to die before we let fire out.” He tells the hunters that the fire is more important than a pig.

- They are all afraid of the Beast living on the island, it is manifested in the childrens’ minds as a lurking animal.

- Some children talk about their experiences with the Beast, but these were only nightmares and imaginations. A discussion starts about a beast coming from the water.

- Then Simon says “Maybe there is a beast... What I mean is... maybe it’s only us.” Simon begins to understand what the Beast really is.

- Jack does not know why Ralph has the right to make rules. He points out that Ralph cannot hunt, nor can he sing. Ralph counters that he was chosen and that is reason enough.

- The assembly breaks up and the hunters do their dance once again. The boys are drifting apart into two groups those who follow Ralph’s ideas and those who follow Jack.

- In the night Ralph, Simon and Piggy are sitting on the assembly platform listening the cries of the childrens’ nightmares.

- Sixth Chapter Beast From Air

- One night a plane is shot down near the island and the pilot is jumping out opening his parachute. But he is dead before he reaches the land.

- The five year old twins called Sam and Eric (“Samneric”) are on fire duty, but they have fallen asleep.

- They wake up, re-light the fire, and see the “Beast from air”. They run to tell Ralph.

- As the sun is rising an assembly is called. The kids all believe that they are now in terrible danger, Jack calls for volunteers to help him go to the top and kill it.

- It is decided that a party of hunters, plus Ralph and Simon, will go to hunt the Beast.

- They trek to the castle and discover that nothing is there. Jack exclaims that the rock would make a great fort. Then they start the journey to the mountain.

- Seventh Chapter Shadows and Tall Trees

- Simon is sent through the forest to tell Piggy and the others that the hunting party will not be back before dark.

- Jack goes to the top and comes back down, reporting that he saw something billowing up on top.

- They all climb to the summit and see the Beast. Instead of fighting it and finding out that it is only a man, they run.

- As they flee “the creature lifted its head, holding toward them a ruin of a face.”

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