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secoundry date

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I remember the second of August 00 like it was yesterday when my nightmare started, an now there is a hole in my heart which will remain there till the day I die.

The day was bright and warm on the morning of august the second, but there was a strange feeling in the air, which caused a chill down my spin. The air smelt like fresh bread straight from the oven.

As I walked down the stairs still in my p.js, the burning carpet warmed by the sun felt like fire warming the soles of my feet. Mum had left the toast out with the butter left beside it. I could still feel the heat coming off the crust on to my tired restless face.

I dragged my feet through the living room still with the burning sensation in my feet; I could see the blaring sun raise split the TV from its black and dull screen.

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Then the ringing of the phone broke the deadly silence in the house. It was my best friend Risha asking weather I was up for the fair. I quickly said yes, dropped the receiver and ran up the stairs and jumped in to the bath.

I relaxed in the luke warm water, with the soft fluffy bubbles lying on my pale brown skin, like icing on a cake. The atmosphere around me was quite with only the bird’s cherpsing outside the window and the ripples of the water as I moved my hands and feet. Soon everything went black... When I heard a thud on the bathroom door and someone asking me weather “I was aright”.

At this point I opened my eyes to the beat when I realized I had fallen a sleep for a good hour or two. I shouted

“Yes im fine”

and sprawled out the bathtub.

My skin had gone wrinkly from the warm water. I raped my self in a blue soft towel and pulled the plug. The water rushed down the plughole like a tornado, leaving the white fluffy bubbles behind.

I unlocked the door and my body shivered from the cold air which hit me like a shock of lightning as I walked in my wide light blue room. I quickly put my jeans on and my baby blue top and rushed halfway down the stairs, when I heard a buzzing sound coming from outside. I walked down quickly and opened the front door to see my dad moving the lawn.

The air no longer smelt of fresh bread but more like a flowery mixed in with a grassy smell. I said


and walked back into the living room, leaving the front door wide open. I switched on the TV and flicked the channels vigorously, when I saw Risha’s mum pull up into my driveway bleeping her horn so hard I could feel the whole house shake.

I grabbed my phone put my shoes on, I dint even bother to tie my laces, said bye to my dad, who had now finished the lawn and was planting some flowers which him and my mum had bought the previous day.

I climbed in to the red ford fiesta and sat in the back seat watching Rishas mum put the gear stick in to reverse, I waved to my dad and then the car spead out my calm, cosy street and on to the loud, busy many road.

We soon got to the fair; we bounced out of the car and into the park. The park was not crowed and there werent many rides, so we walked side by side round the whole park and sat on the steps of the walsers listening to the up beat music that the man had put on to liven up the surroundings of his business.

Somebody shouted


I twirled my body round, to see a tall, skinny boy standing in front of me, I soon realized it was one of my long lost friend that I hadnt seen for years on end. I picked myself up and ran as fast as my legs would go and jumped into his arm, hugging him so tight his face went red like a plump tomato. We stood talking for a few minuets, and then he gave me a peck on the cheek, and said he would give me a call whenever he was in Rushey mead.

I span around to an empty funfair, but it struck me, where was Risha? Where had she gone? Had she been kidnapped? Was she adopted by aliens? Where was she? Where? Where? Where? So many questions so little time. I walked quickly round the park trying to spot her, but nothing. My legs felt weak like jelly and all I could see was empty green areas, but no Risha.

Then my phone rang, I jumped in shock, I picked it up to hear my mum talking really quickly, I couldnt hear a word, her voice was dull and as if someone was holding her throat, Then I heard it, heard it loud and clear. My dad had been taken to hospital. My eyes watered like a flowing waterfall, I ran outside the park and cross the road to the bus stop still on the phone to my mum, I felt frustrated and as if someone had shot me in the heart. My battery died. I shouted for help but know one could hear me.

At this point I had forgot all about Risha. My mind had gone blank, even the clouds in the sky had turned black and dull. I tried ever so hard to stand patiently for the bus to take me home, but all I felt was numb and weak.

I heard a horn it was my older brother with the rest of my family apart from my mum who had gone in the ambulance with my dad. I ran not even watching the road and planked my bum into the back seat of the car and slammed the door. My sister hugged me tightly and held my hand through out the whole journey. I tried to speak but nothing would come out. My eyes burned, my cheeks were wet and my body temperature was high.

We got to the entrance of the hospital; we parked the car and got out. I stumbled holding the back of my legs for the pain to stop. The nurse guided us to the waiting room. I felt angry and impatient. As I sat on the red sofa I watched the clock go round and round in the dark, dismal room. My tears had stopped. I sat there thinking clenching on to the cushion which was beside me. My mind filled with emotions and lots of questions that I could not find the answers too. I pinched my self to awaken me from this dream, but I had proved my self-wrong, I was living in reality.

My mum walked in crying and said “He’s gone”. Once again my mind went blank and tears ran down my soft tender face, my mum grabbed me and held me tight, I wanted to run, wanted to hide, wanted this nightmare to stop.

The doctor came in and told us he was sorry, I shouted in disbelief pointing the finger at him blaming him for taking my dad away from me, I swore at him, my face turned angry, I didnt what I felt, angry or sad, I felt a variety of emotions which took me over.

The nurse guided us in to the room where my dad had been left to rest, I went in, the room was dark with only a one bright lamp shade that had been switched on, and lots of people who I didnt even know crying their eyes out.

I tiptoed over to my dad bedside. I tried to shake him, wanting him to wake up and hold me in his hands telling me everything was fine. I cried out loudly feeling as if I was going crazy. My body felt weak and I felt faint.

The doctor dragged me away and put me in this enclosed room with only a bed, he asked me to take this pink liquid which would make me feel dousey. I took it in one big gulp and rested my head on the pillow. My head spined and the room smelt of detox. I feel asleep with teardrops on my pillow.

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