Friday, July 13, 2012

Argument for Educational Assistance

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Argument for Educational Assistance

In today’s competitive business environment, companies are continuing their search for means of effectively recruiting and retaining qualified staff. When considering the options available, employers might want to look at a frequently overlooked benefit � tuition assistance programs. I believe that my company should offer this benefit. By offering this benefit, my company would also benefit in a number of ways.

An educational assistance program provides reimbursement for tuition, textbooks, and other educational fees connected with an employee’s successful completion of course work. Usually this program requires the employee to pass their classes with a grade of “C” or better. Whether or not my company was to choose to pay in advance for me to take a course or reimburse after successful completion of a course, the fact that my company would be willing to pay for my career-related coursework or completion of my college degree would be a sign of its trust and commitment. Tuition assistance would help me to prepare myself for further career development and advancement.

My company should offer reimbursement for work-related courses and other courses that may be beneficial to the company. Work-related courses would directly improve my skills and enhance my knowledge of the duties I perform in my current position. I would also acquire new skills needed to perform newly assigned duties and responsibilities. My company would invest in my higher education with the expectation that the investment be returned through enhanced job performance.

A tuition reimbursement program would help my company get back the skills that they need in the workplace. This program would allow my company to hire better qualified, more educated, more productive employees. That extra productivity would make it economically feasible to pay a large portion of tuition bills.

An educational assistance program would also offer a tax break to me and to my employer. As a result of the program, my company would not owe payroll or unemployment taxes on the excluded income. And since the assistance would be excluded from my taxable income, I would pay less in income, payroll, and unemployment taxes.

Over time, tuition reimbursement would keep costs down, by reducing turnover and increasing my company’s talent pool. Lower turnover would save my company on the substantial costs of searching for, hiring, and training new employees to replace those leaving. A tuition assistance program would tempt me to stay with my company longer so I could make use of the benefit. I would feel a greater sense of loyalty to my company because they paid for my education.

I believe that my company would benefit in many ways by providing me with educational assistance. It would show me that my company wishes to encourage and assist me in developing my potential and increasing my value to the company. Providing assistance with my educational expenses would invest in my future with the company. I believe that education is one of the wisest investments my company can make.

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