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Missionaries in vogue

Warriors for a new world,or just the latest fashion trends? Angelo Bozac’s new body of work attempts to cross the borders of typical art genres. Highly stylized and oddly aestethic, these almost life-size portraits could resemble an advertisement campaign for a chic line of jewelry at first glance. However, the persons wearing these exotic gold and silver accouterments definitely appear ready for something other then a hip fashion shoot.

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The chosen models have been painted with and pressed into a beautiful, copper-colored, muddy sand surprisingly similar to the color of the exhibition walls they’re hanging on. As with general portraiture, the face is the central focus, yet these faces stare back at the viewer, some glaring confrontationally, others proudly comfortable while stuck in their peculiar predicament. Glowing blue eyes practically burst through the two dimensional photographic plane. In fact, the works have more a painterly than photographic quality, and yet the models seem to rise off the surface as in classic reliefs. The works actually blend right into the walls, virtually camouflaged. However, these young men and women are still vibrantly mesmerizing in their finery and tribal-like gear, as if they might emerge at any moment, either ready for combat or a celebration.

The accompanying text at the exhibition speaks of inspiration from the lost heroes of Babylon, and although there are no weapons to be seen, there is still an air of danger about them. The work is obviously staged and despite the inconsistencies, these “bad” apostles do look as if from one tribe, as if the photographer strove to document a range of people on the verge of dying. These facts pose fiercely, yet they seem more concerned with maintaining a sense of order and justice than with hitting the battlefield. Old King Hammurabi would have been proud.

Marisa Ravalli

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