Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Compromising Our Own Integrity

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What I took most out of this story is a simple concept that most of us deal with at some point or another. Being looked down upon or blatantly disrespected with no chance but to accept it. The way the father in the story just accepted the blatant insult to his manhood, then tried to cover it up with some sort of happy thought to cheer his own spirits up, as well as his child’s. like I said previously, we’ve all probably gone through some type of situation like this and were helpless to retaliate because of our position either in the community or the workplace.

Much like race, just about everyone has somebody with more power or authority over him or her, such as a boss or parents. Sexual harassment or verbal abuse from employer has been happening because they have your job hanging over your head. Parents have the ultimate authority over children leaving the child with little ground to stand on in any situation. The law and those who enforce it are another good example. They are above us all, no matter your background or community standing. We have no choice but to sit back and except whatever they choose to do to us regardless of how justified we were, (or thought we were), at the time of the given incident.

Fortunately, it seems to be as we grow as a nation, some of these prejudices seem to fade away more and more. Sure there are some racist people out there, even sexist and religious biases, but overall these different groups of individuals have gained their respect and don’t have

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to deal with these inappropriate situations neatly as often as in the past. There ate laws to protect individuals from this kind of behavior.

When it’s all said and done, even though we do have these atrocities in our past, (and sometimes the present,) behaviors, I really do believe that as a whole we are growing neater to a better nation than in our past and these indecent behaviors are being replaced with attitudes that bring us closer together each day that passes.

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