Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hiring Practices

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Have you ever wondered what went through your boss’s head the day he/she hired you? Well as a result of this assignment at least I know what was going through mine.

Right off the bat the first thing that I asked my supervisor was do you believe in first impressions? His response, without hesitation, of course, “you need to know right off the bat if you think this person is right for the job.” As a result of this answer I was intrigued to find out what he uses as key points to tell if a person is “right for the job”. When asked what exactly do you mean when you said “right for the job”, his response was, is the person dressed neatly to ensure that they will always come into work in uniform, how are they groomed, will they present the company in a reinsuring manner. The most important thing that he said he looked for was eye contact. “If somebody can’t look you in the eye when asked simple questions what are you going to do if something serious is asked of them.”

Then we changed the topic and went on to experience. When asked what is important when you look at peoples history of past occupations. His response was, “well you can tell a lot about past occupations, what they have done, where they have been, why did they leave, have they ever been let go for their actions at work and so on.” Most importantly you need to know if what they are applying for is something that they have prior experience in. He also commented on how difficult it is on really being able to read some body by reading an application. That is why we tend to talk more than read. He also commented on how easy it is on the other hand to tell how well a person will fit in when you start talking to them.

He added that when talking to possible employees the tone of their voice plays a huge role in what he thinks of them. If the person can’t really speak up and make what they want heard, heard then they could possibly be a little shy, or on the other hand if they speak real fast and don’t let you finish the question, maybe this person is slightly to bossy and pushy for what we are particularly looking for.

The main things he commented on were, looking people in the eye, speaking up for yourself, and dressing appropriately. He said that in general the main things he attempts to look for were experience no matter how much or how little, he commented on the fact that every where you work isn’t quite the same and it is understood that training is a necessary thing for all job positions. To add on to the things he looked for were the applicant’s hands. “Hands”, I asked, yes he replied hands, if a person comes in looking for a job and their finger nails are long and it looks like they haven’t been cut in months, or on top of that their hands are just flat out filthy and it isn’t anything that could really stain he said it is just a big turn off for employers all over, especially for the food business.

A big thing that he said he looks for on the application was the length of time the applicant stayed with a particular job. The questions he said that ran thru his head while reading the amounts of time an applicant’s previous jobs were, “why were they only at this job for two weeks and this one for a month?”, were the incompetent, did they aggravate the employees, were they always late, and so on. Many times he finds himself in the predicament of should I contact the previous employer, or even should I make a couple phone calls to their references. Most of the time he said that if he finds himself in this corner he normally knows that the person is not exactly right for the job.

Overall I found out a lot about what goes into hiring a person. I realize now that employers have a lot on their plate when they look at possible employees. So now at least I know that if anything were going to happen to my present employment I know what and what not to do to get a job.

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