Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hittler and Stalin - Parallel Lives

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Hitler saw himself as called on by divine intervention to rescue the German people from the humiliation of defeat, and to restore the country to its rightful historic position, as a “master race,” and to certify it for the future, by creating a new Germanic empire in Eastern Europe. Stalin saw his mission as ending the centuries-old backwardness of Russia, turning a peasant society into a modern industrialized country, and during that same time enforcing the first socialist state in the world. Neither task could be carried out without a vast number of human sacrifices, but on the stage of world history on which they were merely actors the cost of these intense sacrifices never counted. It would be justified and they would be forgiven by their forerunners, provided they would be successful.

The process by which these convictions took possession of their minds remains a mystery. “Narcissism is a concept originally formulated by Freud in relation to early infancy, but one which is now accepted more broadly to describe a personality disorder in which the natural development of relationships failed to take place. In such a state only the person himself, his needs, feelings and thoughts, everything and everybody pertaining to him are experienced as fully real, while everybody and everything else lacks reality or interest.”

At some point the degree of narcissism can be considered an occupational illness among political leaders in proportion to their conviction of a beneficial mission and their claim to infallibility of judgment and a monopoly of power. When such claims are raised to the level demanded by Hitler or Stalin at the height of their power, any challenge will be perceived as a threat to their personal image of themselves, as much as to their public image, and they will react by going to any lengths to suppress it.

So far, psychiatrists have paid much less attention to Stalin rather than to Hitler, the reason behind this, being lack of evidence. The ostentatious Hitler, displaying a lack of self-discipline and extravagance of speech, which for long made it difficult for many to take him seriously, in contrast to the reserved Stalin, who owned his rise to power to his success, not in exploiting, but concealing his personality, and was underestimated for the opposed reason � because many failed to recognize his ambition and callousness. Not surprisingly, it is Hitler who caught psychiatrists’ attention. All the more interesting is the suggestion that underlying the contrast, there was a common narcissistic obsession with themselves.

The brutal beatings that Stalin’s father enforced on the boy until age of nineteen produced the basic anxiety, the sense of being isolated in a hostile world, which led to the child developing a neurotic personality.

Hitler has naturally attracted the interest of psychiatrists, and several studies being made, paying extensive attention to his relationship with an over-protective mother and a domineering father. Most historians have found it hard on placing too much reliance on ‘psychological explanations’ of Hitler, for to differentiating reasons The first being, lack of reliable evidence, forcing psychiatrists to depend on speculation and arguments from analogy. The second is that, even if one accepts that it helps to accept Hitler or Stalin, as men, both suffering from the delusions of a psychopathic, a schizophrenic, or a paranoid personality, how would someone be able to distinguish between the normally, crippling effect of such intense disorders, as encountered by psychiatrists in their ordinary practice and the extraordinary success which both Hitler and Stalin achieved in translating their extreme visions into reality.

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