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influence at its best

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Frank Donnangelo

In the early 160s, a phenomenon was accurring. Surfers in their downtime were wanting something to do, and came across the idea of trying to surf the streets. All across California, surfers were putting roller skates on the bottom of x 4 wooden planks. This frieght training fad was the birth of skateboarding. Soon, skateboarding became a way of life. It was an underground culture rising up in a blue collared nation. Skateboarders rode skateboards for the feel of flowing through an urban obstical course that people call cities. They rode for the certain style and finesse skateboarding advertised, for the natural high and satisfaction gained for doing something that seemed so physically impossible. Skateboarding essentially became a way of life.

A couple of decades later, I am born. Fast forward 1 years, and there I am 1 years old and the end of sixth grade is in sight. I was pretty much a typical misfit kid. School functions were boring to me and school pep seemed overrated. Today was the last day of school, and I was eagerly awaiting Heavens blessing of the last school bell to ring so summer could begin. God, in His mercy, shed His grace, and the bell rang. I was out the door, head held high, and in high spirits. Usually after school, I walk blocks down to Turner Street, make a right, walk blocks to Camelot Drive, make a left, and Im home, but today I only got as far as the school playground. As I was crossing underneith the schools jungle gym, something caught my attention that amazed me. Some kid was actually riding a skateboard in the schools parking lot. Sure, I had seen people ride skateboards before thanks to channel 7 of our local cable broadcast, but I had never seen someone ride one in person. I slowly edged my way over to the skateboarder, being discreet about my presence, but portraying an outward appearance that i knew what i was doing and that i lived somewhere over in the skateboarders direction. In reality, I was playing it cool, heading towards a large fence that led nowhere. To my surprise, the skateboarder I was secretly observing came up to me. He introduced himself as David Barrachio from California. I looked at David and realized he was my long lost twin. We looked so much alike; we both had brown eyes, long brown hair, same height, and the same cocky attitude. That summer started out with me buying my first skateboard and David educating me on the fundamentals of skateboarding.

Everyday that whole summer, David and I would go out skateboarding. From the early hours of dawn to the wee hours of dusk, we would skate; going down large hills, jumping off of curbs, or gliding in and out of empty backyard pools. Many places that we went and skated at, we would promptly be kicked off by business owners, annoyed pedestrians, and or by the police for loitering. People saw skateboarding as a nuisance. We saw it as good, clean fun that involved a little bit of wreckless youth involvement. One of the main things David taught me was that skateboarding was all about style. Style was what you looked like on a skateboard and how you rode it. If you didnt have good style then people wouldnt want to watch you skate. Skateboarders had to know how to flow on a skateboard. After all, skateboarding did evolve from surfing.

When all was said and done, and the days of summer ended, so did our skateboard-summer extravaganza. I began the seventh grade and David left to go back to California. He left in almost the same abrupt way that I met him. Six years have passed, and I am still skateboarding; still flowing with the certain style and finesse skateboarding advertises, still going down hills, off curbs and stairs, and gliding in and out of empty backyard pools, and now amazing people in the sixth grade that David did before. I havent seen or talked to David since he left for California, and to my knowledge hes still there. If I ever do see him again, Ill be sure to thank him for introducing himself to me and getting me into skateboarding, a lifestyle that has influenced me in more ways than one in my life that I have only just begun.

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