Monday, August 13, 2012

Cit Let

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As a citizen of Kennewick for twelve (1) years, I believe a certain ordinance should be reconsidered. This ordinance makes it illegal to fire a paintball, BB, or pellet gun inside city limits. I enjoy responsible shooting of targets with these devices. A paintball, BB, or pellet gun cannot cause serious damage or injury (if and damage or injury) if used responsibly and according to safe gun handling guidelines. Any sportsman knows that BB and pellet guns are not to be aimed or pointed at people, and that paintball guns are only to be shot at people wearing the proper protective wear and from a safe distance. I know these rules are not always followed, but those people who choose not to abide by them are a minority. I believe that the minority should be punished for being irresponsible and that the majority should be allowed to enjoy the privilege of pursuing a sport which they enjoy.

I like the way the moon shines on the river at night and the way the Iron Monkey Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon look at the world. The make cool noises, and the stars twinkle down on the Euphrates. It is very cool how this works, as the romantics use plasma rifles to kill the flood who in turn use plasma pistols to kill the Covenant. If the Iron Monkey Hidden Tiger Crouching Droad dheria ihria ;lipeian trjeisna ft trojan horse kdnak the trojans ate the ghorese

To send this Type this

Smiley -) or ) Open-mouthed smiley -D or d

Surprised smiley -O or o Smiley with tongue out -P or p

Winking smiley ;-) or ;)

Sad smiley -( or (

Confused smiley -S or s

Disappointed smiley -| or |

Crying smiley (

Embarrassed smiley -$ or $

Hot smiley (H) or (h)

Angry smiley -@ or @

Angel smiley (A) or (a)

Devil smiley (6)

Don’t tell anyone smiley -#

Baring teeth smiley 8o|

Nerd smiley 8-|

Sarcastic smiley ^o)

Secret telling smiley -

Sick smiley +o(

I don’t know smiley ^)

Thinking smiley -)

Party smiley o)

Eye-rolling smiley 8-)

Sleepy smiley |-)

Coffee cup (C) or (c)

Thumbs up (Y) or (y)

Thumbs down (N) or (n)

Beer mug (B) or (b)

Martini glass (D) or (d)

Girl (X) or (x)

Boy (Z) or (z)

Left hug ({)

Right hug (})

Vampire bat -[ or [

Birthday cake (^)

Red heart (L) or (l)

Broken heart (U) or (u)

Red lips (K) or (k)

Gift with bow (G) or (g)

Red rose (F) or (f)

Wilted rose (W) or (w)

Camera (P) or (p)

Film Strip (~)

Cat (@)

Dog (&)

Telephone receiver (T) or (t)

Light bulb (I) or (i)

Musical eighth note (8)

Half-moon (S)

Star ()

Envelope (E) or (e)

Clock (O) or (o)

MSN Messenger icon (M) or (m)

Snail (sn)

Black Sheep (bah)

Dinner plate (pl)

Bowl (||)

Pizza (pi)

Soccer Ball (so)

Auto (au)

Airplane (ap)

Umbrella (um)

Island with palm tree (ip)

Computer (co)

Mobile Phone (mp)

Stormy (st)

Lightning (li)

Money (mo

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