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My Current Defining Moments

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My Current Defining Moments

I once read that there were three very important defining moments in a personfs life. The first referred to values one must adopt to have success, and occurred early in onefs lifetime. The second was said to be when you found yourself leading a small group, such as being president of the SAC. Lastly, the third would be when you are senior in organizations and are watched by people with higher and lower stature than you as well as your peers. If I were sixty, or even fifteen years older than I am now I would probably find those guidelines for analyzing my life quite useful. However, I have only been alive for fourteen very short years so I find that those defining moments donft quite reflect me. I havenft been around long enough to have had any real defining moments, only sections of my life that I find important. But they donft always define who I am.

Two years ago, I was preparing for a piano exam at the end of August. Unfortunately, I have always been, and still am, a procrastinator. I left learning my pieces that I was to be examined on, until around two or three weeks before the examination date. For those weeks, I lived and breathed piano. When I woke up, I would go to the piano. When I went to bed, I would be just leaving the piano. The ambition of learning my pieces increased when my mother promised to buy me my own personal laptop „Ÿ which I had been begging her for years to get me „Ÿ if I passed my exam with a mark of eighty-five percent or higher. When I got the results to my exam I was amazed and delighted to find that I had earned a mark of eighty-nine percent.

Looking back at those weeks of practicing, I realized I could do anything within my capabilities if I just put my mind to it, and perhaps bribed myself with a reward on completing the task. Since then I have tried that technique a couple times and it even worked sometimes. Other times, I completely disregarded what my conscience was telling me to do, which was often to finish the task at hand, and caved in and took my reward before the task was finished. However, at times when I find myself particularly strong-willed I find that this theory works best. I know now that Ifm not perfect „Ÿ no one is „Ÿ however if I chose to I could excel in many things.

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Sometimes religion can be a very important part of a personfs life. In my familyfs case it is. Until I was twelve years old I was brought up as a Seventh Day Adventist. When I turned thirteen I made the decision to be baptized Anglican. I made this decision for many different reasons. One of them was that I found Adventists to be very open and loud. I am a more quite and private person and I found the Anglican religion to better reflect my own relationship with God. Therefore, on Easter weekend of 00 I was baptized Anglican. I had never been baptized because my mother wanted me to have the choice of being baptized when I could make it for myself. I still keep some of the Adventist customs some out of habit, others because I respect them. Having been baptized Anglican and being exposed to the Anglican community has helped me feel better about myself, not be so conscious of what other people think of me, and not to be afraid of religion or God.

When they come of reasonable age to work, many teenagers find part-time jobs to save up for a car, university or something of value to them. For me, that day was during this summer when my job application for working at a local business was accepted. From the time until my first pay cheque arrived, I worked hard and diligently awaited the day I would be able to cash in my first cheque ever. When that day finally arrived I was astonished to find out how small the amount actually was after all the taxes were taken off it. I came home to complain to my mother how unfair it was and she just laughed it off commenting that at one point or another everybody goes through the same thing. Since that day I have become extremely protective of my money, and appreciated the value of money and other possessions as well as my own.

Many things define people, not just moments in their lives, but also what they do, how they act, and what entertains them. For me, these three moments helped mould me into the person I am today, but other things influence my life as well. For instance, what a see or hear on the news, the television programs I watch, the books and newspapers I read, and even my relationship with my family. My history doesnft end or start with defining moments nor does the history of anyone or anything else. These moments are just tiny climaxes in our lives that often change peoplefs lives forever.

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