Friday, August 17, 2012

what is a father

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A father is not just biological, more importantly a father is someone who is there at all times! Someone who takes care of your every need and puts your needs before his own. A father knows when your birthday is and calls you. He gives you Christmas gifts at Christmas, not months later. When you need a doctor appointment or surgery he takes care of it right away without question and doesn’t ask who’s going to pay for it. A father is there at all times, not when it’s convenient. A real father is a true blessing and those that have one should count their blessings. What is a father? That is a very good question. Ever looked at the definition of a father? It says that the definition is (n.) 1. A man who has begotten a child (v.) . To look after or care for as a father does (v.) 4. To take responsibility for. ((17). Webster’s New World College Dictionary (rd ed.). Simon and Schuster Inc.) Back when Leave It To Beaver, The Brady Bunch, and The Partridge Family were the ideal family, many outside the stream of television tried to be like those families on television, they had the perfect life, a good job, no money worries and no spousal disagreements. Life was good, but no matter what the ordinary American family tried they never were as successful as those on television. Nowadays the term divorce is used like the articles a, an, and the. Back in the day divorce was a sin, an unquestionable thought. A majority of divorces started to occur in the 170s, leaving many children asking the question “Why did daddy leave?” and feeling awkward and lonely when the other neighborhood children and school children still had a mom and dad together that loved each other. Nowadays it is very common for a child to be given a piece of paper and told to draw their family, leaving a big asset out such as a father. Single parents struggle constantly to provide a home and food for their child (ren). An extremities to which some parents reach, unfortunately is prostitution, for the mothers feel that they will be greatly compensated for their deeds. Other mothers choose different routes such as multiple jobs and long hours without any breaks. As children grow up and realize that they are different because they don’t have a father figure many turn to lives of violence, hate, and crime, often many grow up to be like their father when it comes to relationships and parenting. Luckily some children whose father’s have left still have a long journey ahead of them before they reach adulthood, so in turn they can be taught the difference between right and wrong.

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