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Ever since I was little I have always been fascinated by the power of mother-nature especially with hurricanes. It blows my mind the amount of destruction a hurricane can cause. It amazes me as I look back at the previous hurricanes we have had in the past years and looking its effects it left behind in magazines. I saw pictures of destruction. What is a hurricane? A hurricane is a severe tropical cyclone originating in the equatorial regions of the Atlantic Ocean or Caribbean Sea or eastern regions of the Pacific Ocean, traveling north, northwest, or northeast from its point of origin, and usually involving heavy rains leading to mass destruction. For some people a hurricane is a feeling of insecurity, emergency, and a time of uncertainty. For other people it may serve as a thrill or over whelming experience. To me it is not insecurity but more as an adventure anticipating to see its outcome and to see its effects to see how mother-nature can be.

My very first encounter with a hurricane was when I was very young in age. Watching the television, listening to the radio, you’re expecting nothing but natural disaster. Monstrous headlines running across the front page of the newspaper send a bombshell through my head and chills running from tip to bottom. The chills are similar to as if it was a frightening nightmare. It’s a feeling of curiosity and awe as I feel eager to how it really is and what goes on and how the outcome is going to turn out. I always looked at storms as like fairy-tail like monsters destroying everything in its path. Its lightning produces monstrous sounds of rage similar to the roaring of a race car engine.

The first time of actually having a hurricane occurring gave me a heart pounding experience and sudden burst of adrenaline running through my body. I didn’t know exactly what to expect. All I knew was what I head about it. After all the immense anticipation the hurricane has finally arrived. All the headlines have finally become reality at a near glance. I was relaxing in my bed until I heard deafening thunder crackling in my ear. My initial response was to grab my blanket and to cover my body from this horrible creature. As the storm went on it seemed like my heart was beating right with it. Rain began pounding on the roof aggressively determined to break inside. The fast and swift wind gusts running against my window remind me of the sound of ghosts in scary movies, which frightens me even more. At this point, being so frightened it was impossible to remove my blanket from me. It was like stuck on me and you couldn’t take it away. Now wanting it to all go away it felt as if it was going forever. As I peak through my blanket my whole room is illuminated by the powerful lightning. I then went to the window and looked at it as it lit the whole street and sky up in blue. Then I finally fell asleep finally spared from the torture. I enjoy the feeling of scarcity, it’s a big rush of adrenaline, not knowing what to expect is a big thrill for me.

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The following morning I woke up with a feeling of excitement but at the same time it was disaster. I was surprised to look outside to see the street is flooded as if the ocean just dumped water on my door step. Fallen trees and broken branches covered the whole street. The power was out for like a few days before it came back on. We had to use candles and flashlights as a source for light. School was cancelled. My parents didn’t have to go to work. This adventure has not come that often. It was certainly a big thrill to experience. Mother-nature never fails to thrill me. Maybe one day when I am older it won’t serve as such a big thrill.

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