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Career Essay

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I have always wanted to be able to do the same work that my father does. I have always found it fascinating when there are only a few people who organize, lead, and manage the people, materials, and processes of construction in a company. I always enjoy being outside and working with my hands. Over the summers I work for construction companies in Colorado, and want to continue that when I get out of College. I feel that if I come out of college with a BSBA in Real Estate and Construction management that I will be able to find a good job that will allow me to get my feet wet in the construction business. I then would be able to work my way up the corporate ladder, where I can become an owner of a Construction company just like my father.

Construction managers are the planners and the directors of the construction companies. They are similar to doctors in the respect that they are required to be on call 4 hours a day, something on the site might go wrong and need their immediate attention. There are many ways to become employed as a construction manager. They may be owners or employees of a construction management or contracting firm. They may also work under a contract as an employee for the contractor, developer, owner or management firm. They represent the owner or developer on the construction site, even thought they might not have a direct role in the actual construction. Construction managers determine the labor requirements that will be needed for a certain site. They are also responsible for ensuring that the work will be completed on time and correctly.

There has been a recent boom in business, which is requiring construction and industry executives and professionals. The construction of new buildings will always be necessary. “The construction industry is one of the more resilient industries in an economic slowdown, so even with signs of a slowing economy, there won’t be a sharp drop in business like there has been in prior cyclical declines,” says Robert A. Murray who is the vice president of economic affairs for McGraw-Hill company. Even if there is a slow down in the economy, there will always be the need for construction of new buildings because of the always-growing population.

In the year 000 construction managers held about 08,000 jobs in the US. 75,000 construction managers where self-employed, 4 percent where employed by specialty trade contractors, and 5 percent where employed in the construction industry. 8 percent where employed by general building contractors. The U.S. Commerce Department Census Bureau tells us that in February of 001 the construction put in place was estimated at 84. billion, which is an increase of 18. billion dollars from the past year. Both residential and construction companies are looking for experiment professionals, in all areas and levels of business.

Businesses are looking for persons who not only have the education but also the experience from working on a construction site. Businesses are looking for people who are also experienced in handling tasks such as paper work and communicating with clients. Duane McClain, president of Construction Search Specialists Inc., said “During the past few years, many companies were in such desperate need of professionals that they moved inexperienced people with very little training into project manager and other management positions, often taking candidates right out of college. Today, companies are again looking for experience when hiring construction professionals.” A lot of the useful information is also learned in the field. A college degree isn’t required to work as management, but is a must for a vice president level.

Salary ranges depend on where you are in the U.S. Someone in New York City is going to receive more than someone who is working in the mid-west. The median annual earrings in year 000 for construction managers were $58,50. In the middle percent, construction management workers earned between $44,710 and $5850, when the top ten earned more than $10860, and the lowest ten earned less than $4,80. In 001, the National Association of Colleges and Employers found that candidates that had a bachelor’s degree in construction management earned an average of $40,740 a year. These numbers vary on the location, experience and education that an employee would have.

I know that I have wanted to own and run a construction company, but I will have to start at the bottom and work my way up. I feel that if I come out of college with a master’s degree that I would over qualified for building small buildings and not have enough experience to build the very large construction or work for the large management company. It is believed that job opportunities for construction managers will continue to be available through the year 010, due to the number of jobs that will need to be replaced and the growth. I feel that this will allow me to get in and start to receive my experience so I can begin my path to the top.

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