Monday, September 10, 2012

Lord of the King

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When the Dominion of Canada was born in 1867, John A. Macdonald, was quoted as saying “We have desired in this measure to declare in the most solemn and emphatic manner our resolve to be under the Sovereignty of Your Majesty and your family for ever.” This statement lead to the naming of Queen Victoria as Canada’s monarch in 1867. Back then, Canadians supported the monarchy in Canada, however, many do not support this tradition today. In the past the majority of Canadians were of British descent, so it is easy to see why Canadians supported the monarchy. Canada now has shaped into a totally new country. The majority of the citizens are not of British descent. Today Canada is a multi-cultural nation and comprises of immigrants from over 150 countries around the world. Many Canadians feel that the monarchy is a relic of the past, that it serves little purpose and that it should be abolished. In an industrialized nation such as Canada, turning republic holds many great advantages. To begin with, the constitutional monarchy is not really democratic. Finally, it stifles our national identity and culture.

First Point

In pre-modern times a Monarch could govern a state. In modern times, this sort of autocratic power would be known as fascist. Even though this position is only meant to be symbolic, who would want an undemocratic symbol as their Head of State? It’s a proven fact that the majority of Canadians don’t recognize the royal family as a symbol of Canada and Canadian heritage. Canadians recognize the RCMP and the maple leaf as their most valuable and meaningful symbols. Democracy is when citizen are given the right to elect their government. In other words democracy is a republic. Presently, Canadians are not given the right to vote for their senators that make up the Parliament as the Prime Minister gets to choose his own caucus. We need to become like the United States and less like Australia, in which they choose to become a constitutional monarchy. The Americans are free people, citizens of American. We Canadians remain subjects of the crown. We deserve the same rights, freedoms and powers as our American neighbors.

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