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Cousin Kate is a pity-full and sympathetic poem.

Cousin Kate makes me feel sorry for the main character because of the language she uses like Now I moan, an unclean thing, who might have been a dove .

The Poem “The Seduction” is a sympathetic poem, but you feel that the girl is a bit stupid.

The poem The Seduction makes me want to tell the girl how silly she was to do what she did when she was drunk and not to realise how untrue the boy’s intentions were. It is hinted at that the two only met on the night of the party because there is no name given, no history given and the girl would have been shown where the boy went when he skipped school before that.

What happened that night led to her becoming pregnant By stupid , stupid promises only tacitly made She feels more hurt as the young girl doesnt love the boy and thinks that there is no possible chance that the two would do this together . She is also afraid about what others would think of her. When she throws her high white shoes at the wall, it really shows that she is very regretful of the night, as the shoes were part of the night and she wants nothing to remind her of it, and the shoes were considered to be worn by girls that would do anything just to sleep with a man. Also the final stanza of the poem describes what the young girl is feeling. It implies that the girl does not want this child at all Better to starve yourself, like a sick precocious child

Another way that the poems share similarities and have differences is how each of males in the poems felt about each of the girls and what the local people thought of them. The Lord in Cousin Kate did not have true feelings for her and used her. The narrator was a cottage maiden and she was unaware of how pretty she was and hadnt experienced love before He wore me like a silken glove . When the Lord showed her feelings she fell for him because of the things she said and did. Also the lord found it easy to get the narrator because of her situation fill my heart with care. When he had finished using her he went on to her “Cousin Kate” but treated her differently, and as far as we know treats her with care and respect, but in the end, the girl feels almost as if its all worth it, because she has a beautiful young baby boy and the lord and “Cousin Kate” have been together for ages now, and there is no sign of Kate becoming pregnant.

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