Monday, October 22, 2012

Excessive Beauty

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The majority of women today take enhancing their physical appearance to the extreme. They go out and get all types of additional items added to their body only to receive attention. It would not matter if they were the best looking, they would still have the urge to make improvements. Women add these extra items to their bodies because they may have low self esteem and are dissatisfied, but I think they should be thankful for what they naturally have.

Some women feel they need to spend a lot of time and effort on their appearance. They want to fit in and be what society feels a woman should be. Some women also feel that they have to look their very best in order to impress. In my opinion, the reason they are dissatisfied with their natural appearance is because of low self-esteem. They look at themselves in a negative way and feel they should change everything about them. Every time they look at themselves in the mirror they may see a horrible image looking back at them. If they are watching televison and see some gorgeous celebrity they might feel they want to look like them.

In many cases, women go out to purchase products for their face instead of appreciating natural beauty. I find it okay to add slight facial powder and lip gloss, but, some go to the extreme when putting on make-up. They put on lots of liquid make-up, mascara, lipstick that doesn’t fit them and look fake like a Barbie doll. They even go to the hair salon to add extensions or artificial nails just to impress others. They look at female celebrities that spend so much money on fixing their body with different enhancements. They don’t think of the disadvantages when getting these critical procedures done.

When they get these procedures done, they may get the attention they wanted but, it will only last for a short time. There even some serious complications can occur during these procedures. During the procedure, the surgeon could be in a terrible mood and mess the job up. It can be a problem that can affect the rest of their lives. The side effects of having these surgeries are also needed to take into consideration. Many women that had nose jobs or their breasts enhanced have suffered from the pain and still are dissatisfied.

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In conclusion, no matter how much most women try to enhance their physical appearance it still will not solve the negativity on the inside. Women that take their grooming practices to the extreme because they may have low self esteem and are dissatisfied with their natural appearance. They spend thousands of dollars on different products and surgeries and still are not happy. Women with low self esteem do not realize that materialistic things will not make them happy on the inside. They should be satisfied with what God has blessed them with and try not to take the grooming to the extreme.

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