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Indian Freedom Struggle

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The case relates to the Indian Freedom struggle under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. The ‘abstract concept’ to be sold is the notion of freedom, something the people have not seen for the last 00 years. The ‘competitor’ is the British crown, which owns all the resources, including the media, the economy and the transportation and communications networks. The Britishers had immense physical and financial power and a global empire, which was ruled by ruthless and corrupt officials who had scant regard for justice.

In contrast, Gandhi was a physically weak person with a rather common personality. He had been away in South Africa for a long time and was unaware of the developments back home. He was also unaware of the culture prevalent in the country and the different languages spoken by the people.

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The ‘target customers’ in this case were the people of India, who were illiterate, ignorant and superstitious. There was a lot of ethnic diversity in terms of language and dialect. There was a high poverty ratio prevalent in the country and the people were opposed to the idea of any change in leadership. They were very apprehensive of the Britishers might and regarded them as next to God. To magnify Gandhi’s woes, they were reluctant to act and had a complacent attitude.

Freedom as it is did not entail any material cost; the only cost was opportunity cost- either loss of freedom or loss of life. Gandhi was not very popular either and hence, getting people to rally behind him would be a great problem.

Hence, promotion of the concept of freedom would be an uphill task. The people had forgotten the idea of freedom, and such an idea was alien to them. They could not even be given a demonstration of the product as it existed only at the conceptual level. Advertising or canvassing in any form would lead to persecution and possibly murder.

In light of the above facts, we recommend the following strategies to be followed.

Learn the culture of the country

Important part was to mix with local population and learn their mindset, try to win over their hearts. Talk to them, in signs and symbols if language not known.

Talk in the language of love.

Help those in need. Come into contact with opinion leaders in different communities.

Make them feel you are a part of them. Tell them indirectly that you are dissatisfied with your competitors.

Tell them about their glorious heritage. How competitors had destroyed it.

Travel throughout the country. Instigate people to fight for their religion, their motherland. (Religion and motherland are always burning issues). Maintain secrecy all the while.

Customer Education

Customer awareness is a crucial factor. Getting them aware of their options and the rights, showing them benefit of the new product viz. freedom was important.

But the price of new product is high in relation to the benefits, and often rewards were enjoyed by subsequent generations without any guarantees.

Reminding people of the old glorious days 150 years back, of all the resources that were there’s and exploited by monopolists was important.

Erstwhile Successful Market and Trial Run

The success of product in South Africa was to be conveyed to the people. Also Trial run of the product in small areas and good consumer response was important to be conveyed to the people. It was important for people to know all the movements that were successful, and all the sacrifices that there fellowmen gave.


Advertising the product was difficult task in the age sans Internet, radio and television. The only medium - newspapers also banned from advertising the product. The only form of advertisement possible was by word of mouth.

To summarize, it was a case where all the theories of management and probably all the managers would fail. It was a case where management was defined.

In the end the people very well received it. The end came with getting new products and choices, and most importantly � getting freedom.

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