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The story of Grendel is much different from Beowulf, but the main difference is the viewpoint. In Grendel, he does in fact enjoy killing the Danes, stealing their lives in the night, however he doesn’t get complete satisfaction out of it. In Beowulf, Grendel is portrayed as an evil monster who simply slaughters the Danes without mercy. Now we can see that Grendel kills more so because of habit. One night he broke in to Hrothgar’s meadhall and began killing and eating his soldiers. Ever since that night, he hasn’t been able to control his urge to kill. He even says that he has somewhat of an empty spot inside that he hasn’t been able to fill by simply taking Dane’s lives. We also see that Grendel’s thoughts can be compared to a human’s. Yes, he’s much more sick than most humans, but he is able to think everything that we do. From this point, Grendel doesn’t seem so evil. He doesn’t look at the killing of Danes as an act from hell, he simply kills for the excitement and enjoyment.

Nothing he does seems terribly wrong to him, but he knows that something about it leaves him with an awkward feeling. We also see a part in Grendel that we never hear of in Beowulf. One night when Grendel breaks in the meadhall to attack, he is confronted by a man named Unferth. Grendel embarrasses him in front of everyone by throwing apples at him. Then, Unferth follows Grendel back to the lake in an attempt to kill him, but Grendel’s mother gets to him first and scratches him up pretty good. Unferth lies in Grendel’s home, speaking for a long time, then Grendel decides to have mercy upon him and returns him to the meadhall. This can provide us with an explanation as to why Unferth doubts that Beowulf will be able to kill Grendel.

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