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Internal Strengths and Weaknesses


There are several things I feel, or have been told, I am good at. I have always enjoyed physical fitness and everything that goes along with it such as nutrition, lifting weights, jogging, and other forms of exercise. I have even attained a Personal Trainer certification. Although this has been an enjoyment in my life, I am more focused on business and finance as a career so I will narrow the rest of my choices to those that have something to do with business or finance. I like having freedom to make many decisions on my own in a work setting and autonomy has always been a strong point. I am ambitious enough to be able to function alone and without constant input from supervisors. Previous employers have told me that a strength I have is selling. I feel that I can only sell well because I typically truly believe in what I am selling. Another strength of mine flows from my ability to sell. That is the strength of enjoying what I am doing and having pride in my work. People can sense when you enjoy your job and your performance is better too. My people skills also flow from my enjoyment and confidence.


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Some things I am not so good at which are related to business are handling deadlines, coping with micromanagement from several supervisors who are conflicting in their wants, and staying focused when working long hours with little or no time off. I have to admit that I am not great at supervising more than a few workers at a time. It follows that I am not the world’s greatest multitasking wiz. I certainly can do it, but not as well as I would like and not as well as I have seen others do it. I also do not enjoy being trapped at a desk job with no opportunity to move around. I need at least a little bit of excitement so it follows that I tend to have a tough time avoiding boredom during repetitive tasks or jobs.


Strengths Weaknesses

Autonomy Handling deadlines

Selling Handling micromanagement

Enjoyment Staying focused

Pride Supervising many people

People skills Multitasking

Confidence Avoiding boredom

External Opportunities and Threats

Career Opportunities

Industries of Interest

After much laboring, I am confident that I have narrowed the industries I am interested in down to Banking and Financial Planning. Both concern my areas of interest, which are business and finance. Both have to do with the area of accounting, which is what my degree emphasizes. And both are areas where I feel I could excel. I have always been Interested in money and investments and I am currently working in a bank. I actually enjoy the banking environment much more than I had anticipated upon taking the job.

Opportunities and Threats of Banking


One major opportunity in the banking industry is low unemployment. Bankers on every level are afforded the opportunity to always have a job no matter where one lives. There are banks in every city in the United States. Also since the financial service market is growing, so too will the need for banking services. Bank officers enjoy excellent geographic freedom since banks are so abundant.


While employment is good for bankers, they are susceptible to unemployment during economic recessions, which is the worst time to be out of a job. Of course the most obvious downside to working in a bank is the possibility of being involved in a robbery or extortion attempt. Many people have been permanently scarred by their experiences with bank robberies. Another possible threat is the idea that is currently floating around banks that with so many automated tellers and online banking options, the roles of “brick and mortar” banks may shrink to only a few services performed by only a few individuals.

Opportunities and Threats of Financial Planning


Personal freedom is my favorite opportunity of financial planning. Often Planners are self-employed and this eliminates a couple of my dislikes such as several supervisors and little time off. Financial planners who work 60 hours a week do it because they choose to in order to increase or maintain their business. Not because someone is requiring them to in order to keep their job. Of course another strength is income. According to the Jobs Rated Almanac for 001, the average income for a financial planner is $75,000 a year. Although money is low on my wants for a career, it does help.

America is currently in the longest period of economic growth in its history. With this growth have come many opportunities for financial planners. Jobs have been growing faster than people can fill them. Especially with the baby-boomers reaching retirement age, this growth is expected to remain constant. Finally, a strong plus for Financial Planning is the fact that financial planners, just like accountants are needed just as much in a recession as in a period of growth. Not so much for individuals but as consultants to industry and on the payroll at banks.


One threat is stress. While the job doesn’t rate at the top of stressful jobs in America, one can’t deny that risking other people’s money and future comes with some degree of stress. Having to tell someone that a choice you made has cost him or her thousands of dollars overnight is not on anyone’s list of favorite things but it happens every day. Also, with the rise of on-line investment groups operating with very low transaction fees and free consultation in some cases, the future of financial planners may be dimming.

5-Year Career Objectives

After obtaining my degree, I will obtain a position as a financial planner working for a bank. This way I can have the environment of a bank, which I like, and perform a job which I am very interested in. By working for a bank, I can keep learning and growing in both of the areas I’m interested in. I will begin on salary to become established with a client base. After one year, I will move to commission and hopefully have a salary of at least $50,000 a year. A year after switching to commission I will be promoted to or seek a position as an independent financial planner with no supervisor or partner above me. After more years I will take a new graduate as a junior partner so that I can learn more through teaching what I know to someone else. At this point I plan to be making a minimum of $100,000 a year.

5-Year Career Action Plan

That is where I would like to ultimately be in five years but in the meantime I have to obtain my degree, move up with the bank I am currently at so as to increase my knowledge and weight with the company, and become more educated in finance so that I can make the transition from strictly banking to financial planning for bank customers. After graduation in May of 00, I will take part time classes toward a Master’s Degree in Finance. At the time of graduation, I will be promoted to Auditor at the bank. I have already been told to expect a promotion upon attaining my degree so this should not be a problem. I am currently training for the position.

I am not waiting until I graduate to begin learning about investments and finance. I have already begun and will continue to learn for two more years. Then I will move into the position of junior financial planner with the bank I am currently with in 00. If there are no positions available, I will seek the same position with other banks until I find what I want. Upon finding a position, I will continue working toward my Master’s Degree and upon attaining it years after obtaining my bachelor degree I will move up to Financial Planner. One year later, five years from now, I will hire a junior partner to help with the business I have generated.

Year 00 � Graduate from college

Year 00 - Start Master’s Degree in Finance

Junior financial planner for bank

Year 004 � Complete Master’s degree

Year 005 � Obtain Financial Planner position

Year 006 � Hire junior partner to help run the business

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