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the newborn

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Juan M. Mendoza

September 0, 00


The Newborn

How do we know that newborns have feelings? What types of feelings can they have? What feelings is a newborn definitely not capable of experiencing?

After birth babies are improving the way in which they perceived the world around them. Their neurological system is not fully developed jet, since after birth brain involves the creation of synapses, connections between neurons. Infants born with many reflexes, involuntary response, that are necessary for survival, like sucking, swallowing, and breathing but are others that are required in other to communicated with the people around them. These include crying in which we donft know if this is feeling is completely manipulating by the baby. There are many researches that have being done in order to find out if the babies actually have feeling but in my opinion I think that every individual is born with certain feelings. The feeling of love that is important in the first years of their lives and the feeling of security.

As the book mentioned that newborns have a large repertoire of facial expressions and body movements, some of which are related to emotion expression. The way that we know that newborns have feelings is because the way in which they interact in regard the things and people around them. There some studies that found that newborns have the expressions for most of the adult discrete emotions. For example, crying happens when the child feel some distress or pain. These distress or pain also changes the response to that stimulus by kicking or moving their entire body in a desperate way.

The types of feelings that newborns can have are crying, reaction to a surprise experience, and interest. Expressions occur during waking states, in where newbornfs attention is focus on things or people that appear new to them.

The feelings that newborns are not capable of experience are fear, anger, or shame. Newbornfs emotions like perceptions and cognitions are not given at birth, because they develop over time. But these kind of behaviors are interpret in different ways by their parents, for example when the baby contracts the lip corners, parents assume or interpret that baby is smiling, or if the baby start crying parent will interpret this emotion as consequence of huger. Emotions emerge in their relationship as a process of development. As the book also mentioned a research that studied the newbornfs ability to distinguish different tastes. That research showed that newbornfs have preferences for sweet fluids, because they sucked in longer burst, and that the interval between sucks was higher for sweetened water than for plain water.

As a conclusion I could say that newborns have the main feelings require for survival. These are the ones that I mentioned above, which are love, and security, however there are some feelings that are impossible for the newborn to have because the brain havenft achieve its full development.

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