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Drama is a certain category from Literature, which usually is written down to be performed. For this type of genre, language is, overall, the most important element. It is also occasionally, the most dominant as well. Poetic English dramas of the 1th century are also much of what we call high comedy of manners. The later tradition accentuates the social class behavior, and often makes wanted use of puns, verbal acrobatics, and even clever dialogue. The one time Greek philosopher, Aristotle, laid out the “blue prints” for the critical observations of drama. He divided these elements into the plot, language, thought, and spectacle. Almost all dramas use the use of all of these fragments, to some extent, although the balance extent may vary from different plays.


To describe poetry, I will first begin with the fact that the lines are occasionally plugged together by rhyme, into stanzas. These two helpful words Assonance (repeating of a vowel), and Consonance (repeating of a consonant) appear often when referring to poetry. Although, their use may not be limited to the ends of the lines, they do have flexibility. Often times the poet will show deflected pitches, which can create contrast and repetition. In reciting a poem, it is critical to use the constant interplay between patterns, lengthened or shortened pauses, speech, and sped up phrases and words.


Adventure is a literary genre that was often popular during the middle Ages. During this period of time, the background was often set in far distances, such as mythological places, often times related with a romantic touch. Also, like most adventures, they stress supernatural elements, as well as characters, to catch the audiences’ attention to a further extent. This literary genre also refers to the romance language. Its significance to a type of poetry would be that it is a dramatic narrative, which is easier to categorize.


A biography is the documented account of a single personnel’s life. (Different from an autobiography in which the subject writes it.) The term biography includes a varied range of strategies, and sources, as well as insights that deal with the habit of personality and experience. When written, it combines important and factual events such as birth, education, conflict, work, relationships, goals, and death, all in which are combined to create a book. This is one of the ways to get “true to life.” In the seventeenth century, biography’s mainly revolved around inspirational subjects such as heroes, heroines, and even tyrants.


Mystery Anything beyond human comprehension; secret.

Mystery is a type of opening term of fiction, with a few minor sub-genres’, such as detective stories, as well as romance suspense in gothic novels. These mystery stories mostly include the observance of police, and their experience of closure as the story comes to an end. Types such as the few I have brought to observance, often deal with crime, most frequently…murder, and a successful solution. Suspense often arises during the happenings of a solution, by which the “private eye” pursuits the villain, or the often times, an innocent victim. Included with mysteries, spy stories are the often related together.

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