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Hegel saw that because the development of human perception is not random, it could therefore be systematized dialectically. Hegels theory of art is based on his holistic system of the dialectic. In this system, the first thing to happen is that a thesis or a claim is made. Then this thesis takes into account the opposing claim, or the antithesis, and forms a synthesis. The synthesis is then processed along with its antithesis to form another synthesis. This process continues until all contradictions are exhausted and the absolute truth is reached. The purpose of the dialectic is to take into account all truths to arrive at the Ideal. The system can be applied to all aspects of the human condition. When Hegels dialectic is applied to sensuous material (i.e., art), the beautiful is found in the appearance of the Ideal. Hegel used this dialectic and applied it to history. Contradictions within capitalism will reveal themselves and as a result, will collapse. This will develop when particularities sense that general principles contradict them and their lives, which will succumb to resolution or coming apart through synthesis. This process is ongoing until all contradictions are resolved and as a result, we will have an end to history.s born in Stuttgart, the capital of the state of Baden-W├╝rttemberg. During that time, Germany was ruled by petty autocrats and subjected to invasions by foreign armies. Germany’s oppression and political degradation was compensated for by its vast level of literature and cultural creativity, but it wasn’t until the end of the eighteenth century, that Germany had gained such a national literature. German artists, historians, and philosophers began to gain a fresh awareness of the past and their creativeness put Germany closely beside that of France, England and Italy.

Aestheticians measured art as a high position in the order of things, believing and seeing it as one of humanity’s leading accomplishments. Hegel saw it as more of a self-revelation of God or of the ‘absolute’ but at the same time, believing art is ending, and in a time, will end. (1)

Hegel saw the mind as the creator of the world. He talked about the real being powerful in each person’s mind individually, but not to be misunderstood by believing the real is universal to all people. The real is historically and culturally specific, a spirit of an age. How we interpret the real is a matter of perception.

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