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holidays and stress

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The Holiday Season

Many people complain that the holidays are filled with stress. The stress usually comes from the extra demands that most of us feel during this season of the year. Shopping, socializing, decorating, cooking, and family gatherings are among the demands and expenses often associated with the holidays.

Whether the holiday or event is Christmas, Thanksgiving, a birthday, or Easter holidays are a very stressful time. Holidays aren’t brought about to cause stress, holidays are supposed to be enjoyable for friends and families. When a holiday comes around kids get a few days off from school. Parents will also get some days off from work to spend quality time with their children and have enough time to prepare a meal or the decorations for the holidays. Having the kids home and having to worry about the holiday dinner and decorations can often be a lot to handle all at once. Here are some ways that that might help people enjoy the holidays rather then dread the holiday season.

The holiday seasons are supposed to be a time to relax and just enjoy yourself and the company that’s around. Instead of trying to do everything alone let friends and family pitch in. Most people that get stressed during the holidays are trying to take on too many tasks at once. Slow down and let people help out and pitch in.

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When shopping for the holidays don’t go at the last minute because most likely that’s when everyone else is going to go. The more people that are around and the more crowded that the stores are when shopping the more likely stress is going to come about. If kids are in your life don’t take them shopping, find a babysitter that way the child or children are slowing down the process and whining to make things more stressful. Also always, always, make a list of the gifts that are being bought for each person. Knowing exactly the gift and the store that the gifts are at the less time you have to get stressed about shopping. If it only takes ten minutes in a store to get a gift rather then twenty minutes it’s going to produce more time to get the rest of the gifts. Go shopping early; get the shopping done ahead of time so being rushed by other people doesn’t become a problem. Not being rushed allows plenty of time to prepare the meals and everything else.

Socializing is a major part of the holidays. Talk to as many people as possible. Talking with people is a great relaxation skill that many psychologists suggest. During the holiday season people often travel to visit relatives.

Whether preparing a meal or just making cookies always let someone help. It will be more enjoyable making the food and being able to talk to someone while preparing the food and waiting for the food to get done. When preparing the food alone it allows time to b alone but that’s not what the holidays are for. The holidays are meant to spend time with loved ones and friends.

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