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The plane jolted and the passengers loudly screamed in panic. It seemed like I just flew the massive plane into a huge brick wall. The lights were blinking all over, and alarms were sounding. I became so terrified that it felt like I was stapled to the chair and couldn’t move. Throughout the airplane there was a complete feeling of insanity. Because of the intense thunderstorm brewing outside the right engine of the plane had been struck by a paralyzing bolt of electricity. I realized that in twenty minutes the plane would crash into the Atlantic Ocean and everyone would die shortly after. I knew that I needed to try and keep everyone from going crazy and also it was vital that I kept complete control of the plane. Because it was a small plane there were only eight people on board the plane. There were only three parachutes on board, so that meant that five people would have to go down with the plane. Being “scared to death” is an expression that can only completely define this situation. As this all was happening I began to drift off and think about my father, my grandmother, and my childhood.

Throughout my life I have had many figures that have both guided and inspired me. Being raised in a catholic single home can never be easy for a little boy. My father, being one of the best fighter pilots in The United States Air-Force died before I was even born. My mother being my guiding stone in life had always told me inspiring stories of my father. When my father died my mother decided that it would be best if we moved in with my grandmother in California. My grandmother, always comforting and loyal, had never filled that sensation that I had for a father. When I was twelve years old my grandmother moved to Australia to live with her ill sister. Because of my intense interest in airplanes and school I didn’t realize she was even gone. When I became older and went to high school I had joined aviation classes. I did excellent in school and would graduate at the top of my class. I was able to get free flying lessons because one of my father’s old friend taught me and would not except the money. Growing up was tough because I was missing that “fathers guidance” that every boy needs. Around my house sometimes things became lonely because my mother had to work all the time to be able to make enough money for the two of us to survive. Because of all the stories I have heard about my father I know I wanted to be like my father and be a hero someday.

I worked for a private airline in California to try and fulfill some of my dream while still in college. It didn’t pay much, but I was flying and that’s that only thing that mattered to me at the time. I offered to take a flight all the way to Australia because I

wanted to visit my sick grandmother who lived there. My grandmother had taken my mother and I in when my father passed away. She had always inspired me in every aspect in my life. I had not seen her since she left quite some years ago, and I have missed her ever since. I know that my grandmother needed to see me before she passed on to a better life, so I knew that it was important to get there.

I felt the plane drop dramatically and it woke me out of my daze. I heard all eight passengers screaming. My co-pilot was helping me fly the plane while the stewardess took care of the problems with the passengers. Everyone on the plane had to make a decision who was going to get the parachute. It was decided among all based on the democratic system. It was then decided that the most meaningful people would be the people who got the parachutes. I believe it was necessary for me to survive because I had a sick grandmother that I had to attend to. My grandmother had always been there for me and I did not want to let her down when she needed me most. I’ve always wanted to live in my father’s heroic footsteps. Then I decided to give up my parachute to the stewardess, who had a baby on the way. I believed that I had the best chance of surviving because I knew how to try and save the severely damaged plane. I believe that it took a tremendous amount of courage to stay on board and try to save the doomed plane.

Tragedy can strike us all everyday. How we react to the tragedy defines who we are as a person and shows our character. My father’s heroic behavior was passed

Carberry 4

down to me. I know that I became a hero to some people by helping out someone who needed it more and actually trying to save the plane. Who knows what might have happened in my life to come, but now I was in a better place with my best friend who I was dying to meet.

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